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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Fear Of Death And Drawing Up A Will

For years, I procrastinated in having a Will drawn up.  Death comes unannounced and at a time when you least expect it. Having my hard earned money channeled to the Government by default upon my death where there is no Will in place is the last thing I want.

If not for the surgery that I would be going through, I guess I'd most likely still be procrastinating in drawing up my Will.  I am such a dawdler in such matters.

About 2 weeks before my surgery, I started asking around for quotations. The fee ranges between RM400 - RM600 for a basic Will if prepared in KL, which I find too costly. The Will is just a 2-page signed and stamped thingy, nothing fancy and I didn't want to spend too much on it. My mum then recommended her ertswhile student to me, who now owns a law firm in Ipoh.  Her fees are cheaper and I engaged her immediately.  Everything was done via email and Whatsapp and I then couriered the signed Will to her for stamping.  Easy peasy.

When I read the draft Will, I was overcome by emotions. Such words as 'upon your demise' and 'the money in your banks will be used in your funeral expenses' cut me like a knife. Asking a certain someone to be my first witness in the Will was chokingly emotional for  me too.  I told my 3 girls about the Will and what they would be getting upon 'mummy's death'.   Suddenly, I felt like I was preparing for my death.  I was overwhelmed by emotions the week leading to the surgery. I felt like it was my 'last week' around with my loved ones. I can get this negative at times.

But Cass was very, very confident that the surgery would be successful and that I would live very, very long 💕

Cass to me: mummy, I don't know why, but I have this feeling that you will be ok. I know you won't have cancer. I just have this feeling that you won't die so soon! Think positive mummy. Remember mummy, DO NOT be negative. Being negative kills you ok!


My Will

Have you drawn up your Will yet?  If you're a procrastinator too, don't wait, just do it.
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