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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Organic Dinner - 13 July 2017

Tonight's dinner is 90% organic.  If I could afford it, I would want my meals to be 100% organic.

On the menu tonight is pork chop, baked beans with onion omelette, blanch vegetables, onion sauce to go with the pork chop, tomatoes and sliced kyuri.

Organic items on the plate are:
Pork chop from Berkcious free range Berkshire black pigs
Baked beans are organic from Bionova which I got from Green Wellness online shop
Tomatoes - certified organic
Eggs - not organic but are antibiotics-free and growth hormones-free
Vegetables - not organic but are free from pesticides
Soy sauce used to marinate the pork chop are organic
Tomato sauce for the onion sauce is certified organic, which I got from Green Wellness as well.
Brown sugar used to season the onion sauce is organic

Non-organic items are kyuri, onions and cooking oil.

The Berkcious free range black pig pork chop is SO tender and juicy. The girls and I love them.  I used 1 pack of free range black pig pork chop and another pack is non-organic pork chop from the Berkcious range and is also free from antibiotics and growth hormones.

Verdict: the free range black pig tastes way better in that the meat is more tender and juicier.

Even the basil leaves used as decor is organically grown in a pot in my little balcony.  I bought organic soil for my plants.

Organic baked beans from Bionova...

Berkcious free-range Berkshire ribeye from black pig ...

For RM32.08, there were only 5 thin pieces of pork slices, which is definitely not enough for my 3 piranhas! Next time, I have to get 2 packs.

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