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Monday, July 3, 2017

Outsmarting Her Mum

There's an article in today's newspapers on the health hazards of eating puffer fish. During lunch, I showed Cass the article and pointed out the picture of the puffer fish to her  to warn her never to eat puffer fish as the toxins in the fish are enough to kill an adult within hours.

Me - look at this article, Cassandra. This is puffer fish and it has toxins. Some fishermen are selling these puffer fish to restaurants.

Before I could continue explaining to Cass the dangers  of puffer fish...

Cass - yes I know. My English teacher told us about this fish many months ago. There is poison in certain parts of the fish and if we eat these parts, we will die. I also watched a video on puffer fish on You Tube called Brave Wilderness.  I love watching Brave Wilderness.

Later, as Cass was peeling the shell off a hard-boiled egg...

Cass - mum, do you know that you can boil eggs with baking soda so that you can peel boiled eggs easily?

Me - really? I didn't know about that! I only know that boiling eggs with salt can do the same.  How did you know that?

Cass - I watched it from You Tube too!

Look who's giving me Science lessons!  This little girl is definitely outsmarting her mum.

There we go again on the debate on whether TV / computer / mobile phones are good or bad for children. Allowing your kid to watch TV or watch You Tube from the TV / computer / mobile gadgets really ain't that bad after all  if appropriate programs are allowed within a set duration. You can reward your kid with  half an hour to an hour of screen time after homework is done, like what I am doing now. Cass likes to watch You Tube from our internet TV.  Educational programs are good.   You Tube is not always the the baddie as long as your kid watches educational videos and you monitor what your kid watches.

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