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Monday, August 7, 2017

My Saturday - 5 August 2017

A beautiful sky with splashes of vibrant sunrise colors greeted me on a Saturday morning.  For someone who appreciates nature and painting, I felt it was such a waste not to capture the picture of the magnificent sky in a mishmash of blue, orange, grey, yellow and vermilion.  KL Tower was illuminated in fluorescent green today (on the left in the pic below).

I used to be pretty good in poster color painting when I was a teenager as my mum got me a very talented tutor to teach me painting and drawing, so much so that I always scored an A1 for my art tests, including the one in my SPM exam.  I had painted skies in that color tone  umpteen times during my secondary school days.

When I retire and have too much time on hand, I think I'm going to spend some of my time painting again 😊

While waiting for me to hang out the wet laundry before we have breakfast together at the coffee shop, Cass took out her magic clay set to roll out her creations. This time she made some fridge magnets in the shape of miniature cakes.

Fruits of the day: cherries and super sweet peaches.

My plate is always full on Saturdays. My day starts at 5am and ends at 10-ish pm. It revolves around many rounds of chauffeuring the girls to school, tuition center and music school.   In between, I slave around the house to do chores. Saturdays are even more hectic than weekdays. This month, I don't get a day off until the last week of August as the girls have activities on Sundays, from birthday parties to marathons, on a Sunday where I am supposed to get my extra 2 hours of sleep. But I haven't forgotten about myself. Now that I know how important sleep is for a healthy body, I catch up on my beauty sleep by taking naps when the girls are in school. And I still find the time to exercise 5 times a week. I hope you will start  your exercise regimen too if you've not done so 😄

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