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Monday, August 28, 2017

Our Monday - 28 August 2017

Though it's the school holidays, it's not exactly a holiday for Drama Queen and Cass yet as they have to be in school from Monday through Wednesday for tuition.  Our holiday officially starts on Thursday. With only 4 days of holiday left, this is going to be yet another no-travel holiday for us. However, Alycia has been going places with her grandma and visiting aunt from Hong Kong for the past few days and had even visited the Mitsui Outlet Park at Sepang.  Last Saturday, Drama Queen had a class trip to the National Planetarium, courtesy of her class teacher.

Counting down to the UPSR exam day from today, Drama Queen has exactly 13 more days to revise and as usual, she's still as relaxed as ever and nary an ounce of anxiousness, worry or fear in her. This girl's gonna take the bull by its horn 🙌💪 We'll see...

After fetching Drama Queen and Cass from school, off we went to the dentist's office for the girls' dental appointment.  Alycia and Drama Queen were given dental scaling. Thank God there were no tooth decay and cavities found on the girls.  My next trip to the dentist will be for Alycia to get an X-ray and teeth extraction done in preparation for her braces!  This is going to cost us over RM7,000 but thankfully, this dentist provides interest-free installments for up to 3 years.

Next up was lunch at our favorite coffee shop before we dropped by next door for a totally unplanned Cosmo Dr electroterapy session.

Since it's the school holiday and we had several hours of free time before the Mandarin tutor came, I thought why not try the much raved about Cosmo Dr electroterapy mats since it's absolutely FREE! I'm a sucker for freebies, especially health-related ones.

Plus, I was very curious to know if it really works at promoting good health and curing ailments.   The Cosmo Dr machine from Japan is able to generate an electric field through the body.

Alycia and Drama Queen sitting on the electrostatic chair pads wired to a Cosmo Dr machine. We do not feel anything when seated on the pad but static electric was randomly felt when we touched each other with our finger tips and on the forehead.

This gadget held by the speaker on her right hand will beep when it's placed on our body parts, signalling that electricity is present. We were also asked to touch the plastic sheet to feel the vibration and static electric zapping away on our skin, which felt like a brief but very sharp electric current poke.

This is the Cosmo Dr machine from Japan. When I asked the speaker the cost of the machine, she told me that it costs more than RM100k!   We were told that the electrons produced by the Cosmo Dr machine help to improve the quality of our blood and its flow. It can supposedly alleviate / treat a host of ailments ranging from insomnia to diabetes, migraine, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, constipation, high cholesterol, obesity, etc.

To be able to see and feel the effects to one's health, we were advised to sit on the electrostatic pads continuously for at least 3 - 4 days (each session lasts about half hour). Since it's free and it's the school holiday, I think I'm going to return to the shop with the 3 girls and also mil in tow to try for another 2 days to see if we can feel anything positive.

I noticed that the speaker did not talk about selling the machine but only mentioned that the company is providing free service to gain awareness to as many people as possible (in the hope of people buying it, surely!).  Those who are interested after the promotion has ended can use the machine at certain hospitals for a fee. For those who can afford, of course they can splurge on the machine. I'm still a tad apprehensive of this kind of super machines that have claims of alleviating symptoms and healing, but there's no harm trying it for free. There is no limit on the number of times you can try it as long as the promotion is on-going.

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