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Monday, September 4, 2017

Granola With Kaya

I discovered recently that my favorite Salted Gula Melaka granola from Amazin' Graze pairs really well with kaya (coconut jam) and I'm now hooked on this combo! So is Cass.

I have a certain way of enjoying granola, that is, I only eat them dry. I never like putting milk onto my granola. Or yoghurt.  Same with cereals. I like eating them dry and crunchy.  But now I love my granola with kaya.

The Salted Gula Melaka granola from Amazin' Graze is by far the yummiest granola that I've tasted. They are crunchy, sugar free, fresh and have generous amounts of nuts and seeds. I first got them as samples from Amazin' Graze, where I had to write a review on their range of granola and nuts. I am now a loyal customer of Amazin' Graze and have purchased their granola many times. My current stock of Salted Gula Melaka is almost finishing and I'm on my way to place a new order for the same flavor again (can never get bored of it... yet). This time I am also getting a packet of Matcha granola.

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