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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Crossword Puzzles Craze

Cass' new obsession is crossword puzzles. Throughout our trip in Ipoh last week, she was hooked on her crossword puzzles book that I bought for her at the Big Bad Wolf sale 2 years ago.

On the train, while her 2 sisters were hooked to their smartphones, Cass was hooked to her crossword puzzles book:

At the market after wolfing down her bowl of noodles, she fished out her crossword puzzles book again while waiting for us:

And at Uniqlo, while waiting for her 2 sisters and mum, she worked on her crossword puzzles book:

A few months ago when Cass did not fare well in her second school exam, I confiscated her mobile phone. And that's the best thing I did. Even Cass admitted that.

Cass to me: mum, I guess I can live without the handphone. I don't even miss playing with it. After playing with it for hours, I find that it's boring. And I feel dizzy too. I'll stick with my story books and crossword puzzles book. I LOVE story books!


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