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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Weekend - 7 & 8 October 2017

On the eve of the eve of Cass' final exam, we attended a Mid Autumn Carnival at our neighborhood.

Being a super anxious and 'kiasu' mum who places importance on doing well in exams, I have always had a complex about going out to have fun just days before an exam. Thus, I told Cass that we were not going to attend the carnival.  I wanted Cass to study for this exam hammer and tongs as she did not fare well in the previous exam. 

But Cass begged me to  bring her to the carnival. She promised me everything under the sky. She promised me that she will do everything that I asked her to do.  And she did.

And I kept my promise.  I brought her to the carnival that evening.  Alycia chose to stay home to study for her final exam.  The hubs was in Ipoh on business.

An ambulance and fire engine were  stationed at the carnival in case of emergencies as the carnival had an activity where free candles were given out to kids and adults to light up at a designated area.

Can you spot Drama Queen and Cass lighting up candles?

Cass on the fire engine. It was her first experience  on a fire engine.

There were games for the kids:

Dinner at one of the cafes:

We didn't stay on for the lucky draw though. One of my conditions set was we could only attend the event for 2 hours and then it's back to revision at home.

Sunday, 8 Oct 2017

After the morning revising, we had lunch nearby at PappaRich.

Hubs ordered all our favorite hawkers' deligh:

And for dinner, I ordered Dominos pizza, the girls' favorite food for dinner on eve of exams.

Why home delivery pizza? Coz having dinner outside is a waste of time. Cooking at home is out of question as no one is free to wash the dishes on the eve of exams. So pizza it is - delivered right to our door step. Minimal washing and everyone is happy 😄

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