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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Cassandra's Interests

While her two sisters were hooked to electronic gadgets during the recent school holidays, Cass was hooked to her novels and magic clay. She could sit for hours on end at the dining table rolling, sculpturing and decorating her creations made with magic clay that I got for her from my supplier.

Two of Cass' latest favorite novels are Rebel Spring and Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes. From Geronimo Stilton to Diary of A Wimpy Kid to Enid Blyton and now to Morgan Rhodes' paranormal novels, Cass is a ferocious reader who reads just about any book. She even hijacks my novels and Reader's Digest. Dan Brown and Rick Riordan are other current favorite authors of Cass and her sisters.

Dangerously, Cass only likes English novels and not Malay or Chinese ones, which means that she is only strong in English and not other languages. Unless Cass is in an international school, being weak in the Malay and Chinese language is only going to drag her down. It's something which Cass really needs to put in enormous effort in order to master these languages down pat.

Dainty and cute, I just love these miniature burger, hot dog and chocolate carefully sculpted by Cass.

The ice-cream, chocolate and alphabet S were meant to be her handmade Christmas gifts to her favorite cousin, Raelyne, koong koong and granny but she aborted the idea when the clay just didn't harden up like it should. We tried air-drying these clay decor in the sun and under the fan but they still didn't harden. As a last resort, Cass begged me to toast the clay and alas, the clay almost melted.... and they ended up in the bin, bummer!

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