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Friday, January 5, 2018

Love For Long Hair

I have never looked good in short hair. When I was little, mum would cut my brothers' hair and mine herself in our backyard.  Mum and papa were very thrifty and very shrewd in finding ways of saving money.   In some of those home hair salon sessions, my bangs were inadvertently cut lopsided, making me look really hilarious. At times, I would be in a  short choppy hair cut, like a boy, which made me cringe.  I also hated my 'mushroom head' hair style that mum would sometimes surprise me with.  Most times, I would be in tears, just like Drama Queen a few years ago. In those days, I already knew that there were wigs available as I had seen one of mum's vain friend wearing one. I was dying inside me to get a lace front bob wigs to cover up my mushroom head.  Thank goodness my classmates had never laughed at my mushroom head. No one dared bully me as mum was a teacher in the school.

Mum never allowed me to keep my hair long during my primary school days; reason being the school that I was in required all students with long hair to braid their hair. Mum didn't have the time to braid my hair in the morning as she (just like me now) had to rush off her morning preparing breakfast for us and complete some chores before chauffeuring us to school. But I was dying to keep my hair long. I was so obsessed with having long hair that I would put a towel on my head and admired my instant makeover in front of a mirror and pretended that the towel was my long human hair 😁  When I was about 12, I begged mum to allow me to keep my hair long. I told her that having long hair would be my best birthday gift. She agreed and I was overjoyed.  I willingly woke up half an hour earlier every morning to braid my hair. I had my hair long until one fateful day when I was thirteen.  After I tried thinning my hair with mum's special salon comb with blades, my precious long hair was ruined forever. With no other ways to fix my screwed up hair, I had to drag myself to the hair salon for some trainee hair stylist to chop off my precious long hair. I looked awful in my new super short locks.  Thankfully my best friend taught me how to use hair spray to style my hair to safe mum from buying me some lace front wigs with baby hair. 😐

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