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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Minced Pork Bun

Sunday is a non-cooking day for me. We are out of the house almost the entire day, normally tuck into a heavy and sumptuous lunch, thus dinner is usually very simple. The girls can have sandwiches, buns or even steamed sweet potatoes or sweet corns for dinner. I can even gulp down a glass of skim milk with oats for dinner. I don't feel like cooking anything on a Sunday, not even cranking up the stove to reheat food. In fact if I could have it my way, I only want to sit on my massage chair after our day's outing and have a relaxing siesta. But I am still a slave to our home sweet home. I force my butt out of my massage chair to mop the floor and wash toilets. The girls help out too.

Yesterday was no exception. I bought some plain buns for dinner and it's up to the girls to mix and match whatever they fancy to go with the buns.  There's an overnight sauteed minced pork with choy sum and I reheated it for dinner.  We slit the bun into half and then stuffed the minced pork veggie into the bun. Cass added some cheese and tomato sauce too.  She didn't know that something so simple and inexpensive could be so yummy!

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