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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Fried Rice With Grilled Chicken Satay

I cooked this vegetables + egg + garlic fried rice with grilled non-skewer chicken 'satay' 2 days ago. This can be done in just 30 minutes and is almost every kid's favorite.  Well, adults too, and it requires minimal effort.   After this was cooked, I walloped it in a jiffy before resuming my Uber duty.  This is an almost guiltless 'treat' for myself to rice as I used Basmati rice, which is low in GI.

Basmati rice has a GI (glycemic index) ranging between 43 and 60, which falls in the low to medium GI category, according to the University of Sydney GI Database. Other types of rice have GI reaching 72 to 98.

Wholegrain Basmati rice has the lowest GI  of all rice types, which means once digested it releases its energy slowly keeping blood sugar levels more stable, which is a crucial part of diabetes management.  On the other hand, sticky and risotto type rices have much higher GIs, so less suitable in a diabetic diet. The varying GIs of rice depends on the type of carbohydrate present in the grains. Basmati rice has the greatest amount of a type known as amylose which does not gelatinize during cooking and results in fluffy, separate grains.

GI aside, I like Basmati rice as it's not starchy.  Our girls know how to choose their rice too and prefer Basmati rice over other types of rice as they love fluffy, non-starchy rice.  We eat Basmati long grain rice, which is the type of rice used in the preparation of Nasi Briyani.  That's one of the reasons why Nasi Briyani is expensive.

OK, back to my Basmati fried rice, which is pretty eventful and the story ended only today!

When I opened the oven to put a tray back inside today, I was shocked to see this plate of fried rice with chicken inside the oven! The exact thing that you see in the photo here has been sitting and rotting inside the oven since Thursday.  No wonder the entire kitchen has been smelling of garlic since yesterday. Holy shit!  I was puzzled and my mind was racing frantically trying to track back how on earth this plate of rice, which should have been already eaten still be sitting in the oven!  Cass who heard me exclaimed in shock ran to the kitchen and said "Oops, that was supposed to be for ME!! And I forgot to eat it. And I took the fried rice from the wok!!"

The display set for photography was meant for Cass. But this dawdler had not finished her homework or practised the piano. I had warned her that if these two things were not completed, she wouldn't get to eat her dinner.   So I placed the plate of fried rice back into the oven, told Cass that she could claim her dinner after she had finished doing everything and off I rushed to fetch Drama Queen back from school.  When I came back, Cass told me that she had completed her homework and practised the piano. She then darted to the kitchen to get her dinner. I had totally forgotten about the plate of rice in the oven; and Cass too.  She took her fried rice from the wok and grilled chicken from the oven, overpassing the plate of rice sitting on the lower tray in the oven. How could she even have missed the  big plate of rice?!  This is yet another blood-vomiting incident from Cass. Together with Drama Queen, I have more than enough of drama each day.  Every single day. I don't need any k-drama for entertainment. And I don't even have the time for the TV anyway.

Super moon or super sun?

This photo was taken at 7:05 p.m. yesterday, on my way to school to fetch Drama Queen.

I'm stuck in this horrendous bumper-to-bumper traffic jam every single evening. When I'm done with Uber-ing for the day, I have not much appetite left to enjoy my dinner. All I want is to have a nice warm shower, plonk myself onto my comfy bed and zzzz uninterrupted until 4:15 the  next morning.  Good thing is the mil will be back next Sunday and I can then hang up my apron for the next few months 😁

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