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Friday, February 2, 2018

Our Thaipusam Holiday - 31 Jan 2018

A day or two of public holidays thrown in the middle of a school week are truly a gem for the kids and even more for me.

The kids and I take this rare opportunity to pay our sleep debts and to visit the malls.  For the first half of this year, it would be difficult for us to go mall visiting during the weekends as Alycia has full-day school on Saturdays. Drama Queen has taekwondo lessons on Saturdays and Cass has tuition and piano class.  Sundays are reserved for church and baptism classes for the two older girls, which leaves us always on the lookout for a golden public holiday in a school week in order for us to go shopping at the mall.

On Thaipusam day, we made our maiden trip to My Town Shopping Centre, the latest talk of the town.

We had brunch at Mighty Monster, a character cafe that's more heartwarming than hair-raising.  Mighty Monster is an Australian inspired brunch cafe and bar, offering creative fusion of flavors.  There's a monster on the wall that looks very much like the fuzzy and huggable Sulley from Monster Inc.

Monster photo credits : Eat Drink KL

The girls ordered a Mighty Monster burger with accompaniments of chips and mac n cheese, a ham burger with lots of arugula and waffles with sorbet.  I ordered a polenta omelette with spinach but was later informed that it was sold out.  That's perfectly fine by me, coz I was already half full from pinching the girls' food.  Anyway, I knew that the hubs would not be that easily satisfied with only one cafe but at least three and I was downright correct with my guessing.

We later had a late Vietnamese lunch at Pho Street. Sorry no photos to boast as I was too busy scarfing down the food. When I eat with the girls, I have to be real quick. A few minutes spent on photo-taking would mean that I would be left with almost nothing on the plate and I am not exaggerating 😅

After shopping, we had dessert at Street Churros.

The girls were too stuffed to even have a proper dinner but I was actually feeling hungry even after the churros!  I think it's a blessing that our girls have a ravenous appetite and can eat like famished piranhas, coz I eat so much lesser.  Same goes with the hubs.  The both of us always eat the last and the least.  And so we ended up having a late dinner at almost 9 p.m. at the Japanese restaurant at our condo.  We had sushi, California rolls and ramen.  Just. the. both. of. us. Eating at our own pace.  Bliss!

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