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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine's Day ~ 14 February 2018

Today is also the eve of the eve of Chinese New Year and Drama Queen's birthday.  Yet today is quite an eventful day.

While cooking dinner half way at 5:55 p.m., I received a call from Drama Queen. She had used the public pay phone at school to call me. She said she was feeling nauseous and had a tummy ache. She asked me to fetch her back pronto.

This girl has been feeling unwell since last week.  The recent heat wave and sizzling hot afternoon sun are a killer to anyone.  Being in a public school, the classrooms are non-air conditioned, unlike her Chinese primary school, where all the classrooms are air conditioned.  The Chinese primary school that Drama Queen went to is partially subsidized privately. Parents have to contribute to the school's electricity bill too.  Can you image how terribly stuffy and hot it is in those classrooms with no air-conditioning in the hot afternoon with temperatures hitting 38C?

Since Drama Queen started attending high school, she's been pretty active in sports. As she is in the afternoon session, most of the sports activities are held in the afternoon, though some are held in the morning.  I think this girl has over worked her body and had a mild heat stroke, just like Cass a month ago. Drama Queen wasn't that into sports in primary school. Plus the heat wave is exacerbating the situation.

Back to this evening.  In the call from school, Drama Queen asked me to fetch her home as she felt like throwing up, her tummy hurt and she felt horrible. But the pork nuggets had just gone into the oven. And I was sauteing the cabbage half way through. I told her to give me 20 minutes.  After cooking the cabbage and flipping the nuggets over, I changed into my dress and then turned off the oven, leaving the nuggets to continue browning while I went to fetch the girl.  I wore a skimpy dress as I was drenched in sweat after cooking in my sauna kitchen and thinking that I needn't have to get down the car.  The girl told me to wait for her outside the school gate.

Just as I had parked my call, the girl called me again. She said I had to go up to the office to sign a form.  WTF! I was only wearing a skimpy dress and the guard would stop me again. Just for the record, the school guard had reprimanded me twice for wearing a sleeveless outfit. He said that the school is a government building and I should be dressed "dengan sopan" (with respect).  Thankfully I have a shawl in my handbag. After the two incidents, I now always have a shawl in my handbag to put over my shoulders in order to enter the school without being stopped by the guard.

Then it poured really heavily. I ran inside the school after telling the guard my situation. He let me off the hook again haha!

Long story short, my legs and feet were soaking wet with rain water when we returned home. But the moment I got down the car, the rain stopped short and it was bright and dry again. Even the skies are playing me out!

Anyway, my super quick and easy baked pork nuggets / begedil / potato croquettes meant for super busy moms turned out beautifully and super yums.

Recipe And Instructions:
Marinate ground meat with salt, pepper, dash of soy sauce, olive oil, mixed herbs and chopped garlic for at least an hour in the fridge

Boil some potatoes and mash it up. I only used one potato. I didn't intend to use potato but because today is fridge clearing day before our trip back to Ipoh for CNY, I added the remaining potato into my nuggets.

Add mashed potatoes into the ground meat. If the mixture looks dry, add some more olive oil. Mix everything well with your hands (wear a pair of disposable gloves if you have to).

Shape up the nuggets and place them on a lined and oiled baking tray.

Bake at 160C for 30 minutes (15 mins on each side).

On the subject of Valentine's Day...

C – did dad give you any Valentine gift mummy?
Me – nope.
C – he likes to give you perfume. Why didn’t he give you anything this year? No flowers? No ring? No Versace dress... on the floor?? I hope he will give you some love, a hug and a kiss tonight. You know, you two should go for a Valentine movie while we kids have some play time. Oh it rhymes! Valentine and play time, haha! He should give you a massage too. A relaxing foot massage will be nice!

My baby girl is just too adorable.

Hubs has been busy with work and CNY functions the past 2 weeks. He did bring home two slices of cake from Huckleberry Food And Fare to celebrate Valentine's Day.  Ok la, I forgive  him. Anyway, with the Drama Queen being unwell, how do we go out and celebrate?  Plus, I've been busy too with rushing off some online assignments before our trip back to Ipoh on Friday.

Someone too impatient to dig into the droolicious chocolate cake and photo-bombed my photo again!

Sick? Feeling nauseous and tummy ache? Body and eyes pain? Yes meh? Can still gobble down the nuggets, an egg and sauteed curry cabbage? 😁  My Drama Queen, truly dramatic.

My dear Sherilyn, as you are on the brink of entering teenage-hood (well actually you've been acting like one since two years ago), I wish you only happiness throughout your teenage years. Enjoy your birthday, which you'll be celebrating in Ipoh.  Your crazy mum wishes you a blessed 13th birthday and may Jesus bless you with the best of health, longevity, wisdom, compassion and all good things in life. 💓😘  I won't have the time to do a post on your birthday as we will be busy eating and visiting during CNY.

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