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Saturday, March 3, 2018

How Do You Eat Your Dried Meat / Jerky?

Every Chinese New Year without fail, we would have a left over of dried meat / jerky sitting in the fridge for months. Mum and dad still have their dried meat sitting in their freezer left over from last year's Chinese New Year. It looks like they will have to bin it again as they received more jerkies during the recent CNY.  These jerkies don't come cheap. The hubs bought half a kg of pork jerky for RM55 last December. He ate only a slice and as usual, the jerky moved into the refrigerator a week later, after which I gave some to a friend and then we forgot all about it until two months later when I cleared the fridge to store Mandarin oranges and of course more jerkies, given to us by Alycia's tennis coach. With a heavy heart, I discarded the old batch of jerkies.  It's a norm every year that these jerkies end up being binned several months post CNY.  It's not the healthiest of snacks around ~ it's loaded with salt, sugar and MSG. The burnt parts of the meat are carcinogenic.  Much as I love snacking on them, I have to try hard to resist them for reasons mentioned earlier.

This CNY the jerkies that we received are really delish.  I decided not to keep them too long in the fridge but to eat them sparingly. It's morally wrong to discard food and I try not to throw food but to recycle it. To make it less unhealthy, I cut off the burnt parts and rinsed the chilled slices of jerky with water to remove the excess oil, salt and sugar.  Then added the bite-size jerkies into stir-fried vegetables and fried rice.  Yummy!

What do you do when there's an excess of dried meat / jerky from Chinese New Year?

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