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Monday, March 5, 2018

OCD And Germaphobes?

Would you believe it if I told you that I mop the floor of our home at least twice a day? On average, it's three times a day ~ morning, after lunch and after dinner.  Bedroom floors are moped once (sometimes twice) a day while the dining area and kitchen floors are moped between twice to thrice a day.  The more we cook, the more times the floor has to be moped.  I don't get how some people can cook a feast but have no urge to  clean up the  aftermath of their cooking.  I admire these people and wish I have such high tolerance to a greasy floor and stove.

I have to thank my blessings that we live in a condo where space is small and it does not take very long for me to mop the entire unit of 1,500+ sq feet.  This is one of the pros of condo living.

With daily twice or thrice mopping, yet the floor is still dusty. And I just don't know why.

See the disposable floor wipe here? That's from the second round of moping with two pieces of wet floor wipes used.  I do the first two rounds of mopping myself. When my part-time helper comes in the evening, she does another round of mopping. I have two part-time helpers who take turns to come in 5 times a week.  One of the helpers is a clean freak who is super detailed with her work. I love her and so do the girls. I have almost zilch complains about her work.  The other helper often rushes through her job, cuts corners and is very calculative with the number of hours that she puts in. When she leaves, I have to clean up after her.

With my overzealous cleaning of the house, would you consider me an OCD and germaphobes? 😀  I know my eldest daughter is a confirmed washer OCD.

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