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Monday, March 12, 2018

Sunday, 11 March 2018

The mil wanted to treat us to a dinner of steaks and chops to make up for her absence during the recent CNY.  So the hubs brought us to Victoria Station, a long forgotten restaurant that we have not set foot on for over a decade.

It was a WRONG choice.  The quality of the food has dropped SO MUCH.  Had I been blind-folded and eaten the food, I would have  thought that the food is from some unknown Western food stalls at a food court.  Sorry for the criticism, but that's just how all of us felt after last night's dinner.  I am usually not as critical as the hubs but this time, I had to give a lukewarm rating on this restaurant.

Firstly, the restaurant seriously needs a refurbishment. It was how it used to be 20 years ago ~ same tables and chairs, probably waiting staff too. Never mind about that if the food is good.

When the mushroom soup arrived, Drama Queen shockingly commented "mum, it's can soup!"   What, for that price, we are served can soup?!    Never mind about that but for a restaurant reputed to be one of the best steakhouses in the Klang Valley some 20 years ago (?), they really shouldn't be serving can mushroom soup with hardly any fresh mushrooms added.  Hubs' seafood chowder soup tasted like can tomato soup.

When my grilled chicken with wild mushrooms arrived, I was really disappointed. They had used chicken breast instead of boneless chicken thigh and the meat was dry. The thick and heavy brown sauce tasted like some commercial powdered sauce mix. The wild mushrooms served were some under-cooked oyster mushrooms. No portobello. For that price, I had expected some portobello and puccini mushrooms. Not that I am a fantastic cook but I think I can definitely prep better tasting grilled chicken.

The hubs' T-bone steak was acceptable though, but nothing to shout about.

Alycia who ordered a ribeye steak with cheese wasn't too pleased with her order as well.  There wasn't the slightest taste of cheese on the steak nor the sauce. Instead, the sauce tasted very similar to the sauce that was on my grilled chicken.  LOL!

The mil and Drama Queen both ordered spaghetti and there were more complaints and criticisms coming from them. Both plates of spaghetti cooked in different styles were lacking in flavor and ingredients. The spaghetti noodles looked and tasted dry and hard as if they were pre-blanched and kept in the kitchen until they dried up.  Alycia commented that if she (a non-kitchen person) were to cook spaghetti, it would taste just how the VS spaghetti tastes like. Everything was unfinished, except for hubs' T-bone steak.

The bill came up to a whopping RM302 for 6 items. That's a total rip off for the quality of food served.  Though we did not enjoy our meal, we all had a good laugh. This meal will definitely be etched in our memory forever. The hubs said that this will be our last time to VS.

To end our Sunday night in a sweet note, the hubs brought us to Inside Scoop for waffles and ice-creams!

One of the best waffles around in KL can be found at Inside Scoop. Our waffles were served with a scoop each of cempedak and Gula Melaka ice-cream.

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