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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sunday At District 21 @ IOI Mall, Putrajaya

Cass attended her classmate's birthday party held at District 21 @ Putrajaya today. It's our first time at District 21.

District 21 is a first of its kind, apocalypse themed Adventure Park. This action park is located in a 70,000 sq.ft, indoor premise with a 55ft air-conditioned atrium, within IOI City Mall, Putrajaya.

Before the  adventure began, we were treated to lunch at Marrybrown's Fried Chicken.

The birthday girl baked her own cake!

After a heavy meal of fried chicken, fried fish fingers, fried fish nuggets, potato curlies, cake and sundae (BURPS!!), the kids adjourned to District 21 to have their agility, stamina, phobia and strength challenged.

The girls putting on socks and gloves before their adventure starts:

The first obstacle that the girls tackled was the Maze:

An eagle's eyes view of how the Maze looks like:

My cili padi inching her way up and down the Maze:

Next, they tackled  the Ninja Warrior course.  The course looks easy to tackle but it's not.

Cass with the birthday girl (in pink):

Then they went up the Tubby Ride. The slope is about 1-storey high and very steep. Participants climb up to the top of the slope, sit inside an inner tube and the staff push them down the slope. I was as nervous as a cat when it was Cass' turn to be pushed down the slope.  All sorts of morbid thoughts kept playing in my mind. Visions of my 14-year old school mate free falling down from a 2-storey high flying fox fun game kept repeating in my head. Miraculously, she survived with only a broken wrist. The inner tube could flip over and the participant could be thrown out of the tube and roll all the way down the slope! There's no safety belt whatsoever (how can that be?!). This cili padi repeated this stunt many times, putting me in nervous tics.


Tubby Ride

They went up the giant maze again. This bunch of girls are extraordinary ~ SO gutsy, strong and energetic!

And then to the giant trampoline (similar to Jump Street):

Thank God the kids' weight are all below 45kg and didn't qualify to do the Roller Glider, a death defying stunt (I don't trust the safety measures there) which I will never allow my girls to do.  District 21 has the world's first indoor roller glider.  Cass and her friends are all dare devils who wanted to try everything there, including the Roller Glider and Free Fall.

Me with my cuzzie Suzan (center) and the birthday girl's mum.

Dressed in shorts and sports shoes, my job as usual, at birthday parties held in an action park is to lug 2 bags and water bottle, chase after and supervise a bunch of fearless, tireless and rambunctious girls and of course paparazzi-ing.  It's tough job. Tough life as a mummy maid!

After 3 hours 'on duty', I had my lunner at a Chinese eatery:

It's funny how I never ever feel tired even with 10 hours of shopping with non-stop walking in the mall but when I have to supervise and chase after a bunch of tireless, chatty, sarcastic and rambunctious kids, I am already burnt out after an hour!  Does anyone feel this way too? 😏

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