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Monday, April 2, 2018

Simple Yet Fulfilling Breakfast

Drama Queen bought three packets of  Genmai Life gluten free organic black sesame  and brown rice crackers when she was in Hong Kong with Alycia last December. I took two packets and gave mum one. These rice crackers are made from whole brown rice (known as Genmai in Japanese). Whole brown rice contains the germ and other nutrients needed to sprout, confirming its vitality as a “living and wholesome food”.

These tasty  bite-sized treats have a light crunch and on days when I feel my tummy needs a breather from hard-to-digest foods, I eat them for breakfast.

I recently found out that this organic macrobiotic brown rice crackers with black sesame is available at Woods Macrobiotics, selling at RM13.90 a packet.

And my treat for the day is a small packet of potato and sweet potato snacks from Hokkaido (my absolute favorite snack!), given to me by my bestie since primary school, Ju when we met in Singapore last December. Thanks Ju! I know you'd most likely be reading this post 😘

We only get to eat Potato Farm snacks when the mil goes to Japan, which is once a year.  It's selling at RM42 for a box (10 small packets) at Shopee and RM60 at Carousell.

Today I had these for breakfast:

Matcha Green Tea Granola from Amazin' Graze.  This granola is made with premium pure matcha green tea powder brought in exclusively from Kyoto. This beautiful East-Asian inspired granola is full of the goodness of green tea, chia seeds, therapeutic goji berries and nourishing sweet longan. Love this granola, as well as Amazin' Graze's range of healthy granolas.

Today I also shared a cup of strawberry yogurt with Alycia.  Farm Fresh recently released a new line of farm yogurt made with fresh milk and real fruits and is free from preservatives, food conditioner and food coloring.  It tastes like premium imported yoghurt but at an affordable price (RM2.80/cup from De Market).

Image may contain: food

This is Alycia's breakfast today. It's a school holiday for her today in conjunction with Qing Ming festival.

Cheese stick bread sandwiched with char siew and organic tomatoes. Yums!

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