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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Labour Day Holiday ~ 1 May 2018

My baby and toddler caring days are long over. I thought that as the girls are older now, I can slowly regain my freedom and some sanity.  But NO.  In the march of time, I realize that I am more and more consumed by the lack of sleep and jadedness. The girls have more activities now as teenagers than when they were younger and this does not mean that I have more time to myself. This means that I have lesser sleep and time to myself. And busier than ever too, as I am the one who has to wake up early and do most of the chauffeuring.

On Labour Day today, I had to force myself to jump out of bed at 6:30 a.m. to get Drama Queen ready before she leaves the house at 7:30 a.m..  She has Taekwondo grading at a school in Puchong. Darn the TKWD instructor who always conducts replacement classes and grading at this school in Puchong 👿 Had I known  about this earlier, I would not have allowed Drama Queen to join TKWD. I feel like I got cheated into signing up for something without being told fully what to expect. He should have told me earlier about this.  If traffic is clear, it takes 20 - 30 minutes to reach the school and I find it extremely inconvenient to have to drive so far. To begin with, my sense of direction sucks and I don't have an hour to waste on the road.

Thank God the hubs was willing to do the chauffeuring today. I stayed home to do some chores as our part-time helper isn't coming today.

Since it's a public holiday, the hubs decided to venture to the city center to tuck into our favorite kai see hor fun (shredded chicken noodles) at Wat Kai Fan (Kwong Kei) located along Jalan San Peng.

This kai see hor fun is by far the best that we've discovered (since 3 years ago) in the Klang Valley. It comes pretty close to the ones from our hometown of Ipoh.  For an Ipoh mali to comment that this dish is good, it has to be true.  Taste and texture aside, my only beef is that everything is too oily for my preference.  And comfort and hygiene  are not up to my standard ~ but that's besides the point and is often expected from a road side stall. Be prepared to sweat it out and sit on hawker style chairs and oily tables.  I have something to confess ~  I washed all the chopsticks, spoons and bowls at the sink before using them 😆

The steamed egg is silky smooth but again, too oily for my health freak palate.  Chicken feet are not my kinda food ~ the mil and hubs chowed them all down.  I find them too yucky looking and from a post-fibroid patient's perspective, I am avoiding collagen-rich food.

The chicken feet in the picture below look creepy and sinister! 😱  Sorry for the snub remarks on chicken feet to all my dear readers who are fans of chicken feet 😬

Since there's no helper around today, we ordered takeaway Capati and yummy curries from Capati Tiger Jit Singh, a stall that's just next to the chicken noodles stall.

It looks like I can only enjoy my hunky-dory days traipsing the world (like my parents now) and waking up at whatever time my body feels like it in at least another 12 years. That seems like a very long time to come but I am certain that those days shall be mine to claim. 😊

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