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Monday, May 7, 2018

Rapunzel's Hair Cut

It is SO difficult to convince Cass to have her long bushy hair trimmed! She was never been this vain before nor did she love her hair this much when she was younger. Plus her hair was so much easier to manage when she was a baby / toddler. Lately, Cass seems to be very protective of her precious tresses. She affirmed many times that she wanted her hair to reach her butt before she would agree to trim just an inch. That's insane for someone who has to wash her hair 1-2x a day! It's a torture having to comb and detangle her hair every single day, especially in the rush hours of the morning, having to tie her hair into a bun before she goes to school. It took me a long time to convince her to go to the hair salon to cut just one inch of her hair.

For the easy peasy job which took the hair stylist a mere 10 minutes to execute, it cost me RM20! I tried trimming Cass' hair myself some time last year and Oh. My. Gawd. it was stressful! The amount of complaints shot to my ears plus a few days of snubbing me, I told her that I will never ever trim her hair again.

STAY CALM AND READ A BOOK ~ this was what I told Cass to do to take her mind off her hair while the hair stylist was at it 😁

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