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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Weekend (19 - 20 May 2018)

Last week, I had quite an eventful weekend. Papa and mummy were in KL to visit.  Papa drove to KL. I always get the heebie-jeebies each time he drives to KL from Ipoh. He is 75 years old this year and starting to get a tad absent-minded, according to mummy. Other than that, papa is a sprightly 75-year old who walks an hour every morning with his morning walk pals, cooks fantastic dishes, makes the best kaya (coconut jam) in the world and is a politician wannabe. He can jaw away and get all hyped up just talking about politics 😁  Speaking of politics, my late paternal grandfather was an Independent Assemblyman in Cameron Highlands in the 1960s and awarded a Justice of Peace title. I remember seeing a JP plate affixed to his Merz each time he visited us.

After viewing pictures of Tun Mahathir, our 93-year old Prime Minister (and also the oldest PM in the world) driving around Putrajaya in his humble Proton Perdana, I take comfort that 93 years old ain't that old after all. Hitting 93 years old can just be the new age for pre-retirement now! And 90 plus is the new age where your expertise and prowess are still much sought after. Think Robert Kuok too.  So, papa driving long distances on the highway at 75 years old is still pretty acceptable.  I hope I can still drive around at 75 or even at 90, if I am blessed to live this long la...This, I leave it in the lap of my heavenly Father.

Dinner on Saturday was at Coco Steamboat @ Old Klang Road:

We waited quite a bit for the soup to boil and only found out much later that the induction cooker was inadvertently turned off. The girls were famished. They couldn't wait to scarf down the food, as can be seen here:

Ready... get set... attack!!

The moment the lid was removed, they attacked the food like piranhas 😅

Brunch on Sunday was dimsum at Grand Harbour:

After brunch, we segued into VCR Cafe, Bukit Bintang for coffee and cakes of course:

Gentlemen - royal vs. the common
Papa with mummy and the mil; Prince Charles with his wife and Meghan Markle's mum:

Sunday, 20 May 2018 marks an important date for me. My daughters are finally baptized.  My parents and the girls' grandaunt were there to witness the ceremony in church.

Me, the girls and their grandaunt.

Papa and mummy left for KL on Monday. It will be another 3 weeks before we see them again in Ipoh.  In a week's time, they will be touring Eastern Europe with my younger brother.

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