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Friday, October 26, 2018

Friday, 26 October 2018

My littlest brat had a massive tummy ache this morning and had to clear her bowels.  The first time it wasn't  completely emptied and she was still having a tummy cramp. She asked for my Peppermint Essential Oil but I could not find it, dang it! Can we ever find the things that we want when we are in a hurry? Hell no!

It was already time for Aunty Jane, her transporter to be at the lobby to pick her up. I hurried her to go to the loo to dump for the second time, saying that she could still make it on time. It's OK for Aunty Jane to wait for 5 minutes. I didn't want to skip my morning workout session ~ my me time, my solace and my quiet time. NO way was I going to skip that!  But she quickly fetched my phone and begged me to call Aunty Jane to tell her that she wouldn't be following the van.

Can I resist a pathetic pup begging for help?  Hell no!

So I skipped what I love most to fulfill my motherly duties.

Cass admiring the sun rise view:

This morning has been hectic for me. After chauffeuring Cass to school, I got home, had a shower and fetched our Dancing Queen to tuition. Then went for a breakfast myself, bought takeout lunch for Dancing Queen and Cass, shopped for groceries and in between doing all these, had to make an urgent appointment for the mil to see a cardiologist and booked Grab for her to go to the hospital in Subang Jaya.

After picking up Dancing Queen from the tuition centre, I dropped her at the hubs' office for him to bring her to the physiotherapist for a third and hopefully last round of treatment on her lower back for an injury sustained during dance practice for a competition.  Dancing Queen had to eat her lunch in the car.

Chocolate bread with butter for breakfast for Cass;  2 slices of chocolate bread for Alycia's snack box and chicken rendang puff for Cass' snack box.

My parents will be here any time. There are here to attend my cousin's baby's fullmoon party tomorrow. On Sunday we will be celebrating my parents' 48th wedding anniversary!

Have a great weekend peeps!

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