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Monday, October 8, 2018

The Rat Brat

Cass the little rat is a real brat. A pest sometimes. And she's born in the year of the rat. How apt!

She made me flipping mad last week when she flipped and folded almost the entire NEW Karangan book that I bought for her just a few hours ago!  The book is a frigging RM20!

Can you feel the steam spewing out from my nostrils?! Look at the picture of the book.

That brat brought the Karangan book into the bathroom to read while she did her business. I didn't suspect anything initially when I heard crisp sounds of paper flipping but when the pages flipping got louder and didn't stop after 15 minutes, I walked to the bathroom and lo and behold, the brat was happily folding the pages into a book Origami!

I felt like swallowing the brat up! 😡😡

I asked her if she had left her brain in school and forgot to bring it back with her. Sometimes I say really mean things to my girls when mentally challenged by them, especially when they answer back arrogantly and rudely with total disrespect for me.

Despite the blood-boiling moments Cass throws at me throughout the day, she can redeem herself when she's in a good mood. She gives me the best head, shoulders, hands and legs massage. She even does a very good filing job of my cracked heels and toe nails!

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