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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Lunch On A School Going Day

Here's a typical scene at home during lunch hour on a school-going day...

Sherilyn and Cass quietly gobbling down their food with book in hand and eyes fixated on the book.
They need some butt pushing and hollering for them to leave the dining table though, else they can sit there and finish the entire story book and continue dinner with another book in hand.  Yes, I kid you not!  If only they are that enthusiastic with their school books, my life will be a zillion times easier!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Labour Day Holiday - 2 May 2016

I didn't get to sleep in on my Labour Day holiday (replacement). Miss Drama Queen had to be in school in the morning for a dance practice for her forthcoming sports day.  So I was up at 6am.   I wonder what the teachers were thinking of,  to organize practices on a public holiday.. of all days on a public holiday!

After Miss Drama Queen got back from school, we went to Seoul Korea Korean BBQ restaurant for lunch.  Food was fantastic but I had totally forgotten to snap any picture as I was really famished and savaged the food the moment it arrived :D

The big girl had been craving for waffles for weeks but I just did not have the time to experiment with our new waffle maker (brought back from the hubby's shop).

After lunch, the big girl got her wish fulfilled by her daddy. We had heavenly crispy and fluffy waffles, a slice of decadent chocolate truffle cake and coffee at Jemi Cafe.

Capuccino and Signature Coco Matcha Frappucino with shredded coconut.

After lunch, I brought Cass for a hair trim while everyone else napped at home on a breezy and rainy afternoon. Lovely weather it was today and I think we can finally say good riddance to the El Nino heatwave!

3 Ways to Encourage an Interest in STEM for Your Children

Whether your child has an interest in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) career, or you just want to expand your child’s interests, there are many toys that help to increase and encourage a child’s interest in these fields. Here are just three items you can buy that may help to encourage your child’s interest in these fields.

While you likely will not want to buy an adult microscope for your child, there are many microscopes created for children. There are plastic microscopes created for small children, which allow them to view everyday objects in greater detail. Microscopes created for older children allow the child to place the objects on a slide and view things such as bugs, hairs, germs, and other small objects clearer. Often children’s microscopes are less fragile than microscopes used by scientists, allowing for the child to be a little less gentle with the device. Microscopes allow even children who might not have an interest in science to see that it can be fun.

Lab Coat
Kids lab coats are great for any child interested in STEM. The child can pretend to be a doctor. The child can pretend to be a scientist. When combined with something like a children’s microscope, the child can even feel like a real scientist. A lab coat also provides a little bit of protection for the child’s clothing, which is nice when your little scientist gets a little messy with the colored water “experiments” or other messes your child might make.

Rock and Mineral Kit 
If your child has an interest in rocks, a rock and mineral kit might be an ideal learning option. A rock and mineral kit allows the child to see different rock varieties and learn facts about the specific rocks. Many rock and mineral kits even include pictures of rocks with the name included, allowing your child to find rocks on their own and identify them.

Of course, these are only a few of the toys you can purchase to encourage a child’s interest in a STEM career. Books, toys that allow the child to build, and telescopes are other ideas that may help to build upon your child’s interest in these fields.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Capsicum Slices With Herbs & Spices Cheese Dip

Today Cass and I shared a portion of takeout bitter gourd vermicelli with minced meat. Alycia and Sherilyn had to stay back in school.

On most days, I will wait for Cass and Sherilyn to be back from school to have a late lunch with them at around 2:15pm. At around noon, I will have something light to stave off hunger. Most of the time,  I will snack on  salad, nuts, sugar-free yoghurt or some fruits.

Today, my salad of the day is sliced sweet capsicum with Arla herbs and spices fresh cheese.  I used green and purple capsicums.

Tomorrow I am going to the supermarket to stock up my supply of capsicums. I am currently hooked on capsicums! :)
Did you know that capsicums also come in purple, brown and white color?  I'll bet you didn't know that eh?  I saw the white variety at the supermarket for the first time in my life today.

Below - white capsicum

Below - chocolate brown capsicum

Below - purple capsicum

Check out the amazing health benefits of capsicum in my other blog.

Treating Jaw Joint Pain Naturally With Hydrogen Water And Carotenoids

Today I had a chat with my mum on Facebook Messenger.   She then casually mentioned to me about the pain that she experienced on her jaw joint a few days ago.  My mum will turn 70 years old in September this year.

I've something to share regarding the goodness of Izumio and Super Lutein. Two days ago I experienced extreme left jaw joint pain which kept me awake the whole night! Since I couldn't sleep I decided to get up (5am) and drank I packet of  Izumio.
I then Google searched to find out what kind of doctor to see as soon as clinic opens for the day. Either see dentist for possible tooth or gum infection or orthopaedic surgeon who may take X-ray of the jaw bone.
Chewing, swallowing, coughing and even smiling was a torture! Thought it could be mumps but no swelling.
When informed, worried Papa quickly made a big pot of rice porridge for all my meals on Monday!
I faithfully drank packets and packets of Izumio (lost count!) and took 2 or 3 Super Lutein (also lost count) because I was really desperate and refused to consult dentist or doctor.
Know what happened then? At the end of the day, the jaw pain just miraculously disappeared!

Thank God and thank Izumio and Super Lutein!

For more reading on Izumio and Super Lutein, please click on the following links:

Hydrogen (H2) as a potent antioxidant and exhibits anti-inflammatory and potentially anticancer-like activities (from US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health)

Izumio Hydrogen Water and Super Lutein
 Dangers of Eczema Steroid Creams

Super Lutein and Izumio Hydrogen Water For Glaucoma

Effects of Hydrogen Rich Water On Metabolic Syndrome (Diabetes and Obesity) - from US National Library of Medicine

Izumio and Super Lutein - Testimonials From High Blood Pressure and Diabetes Patients

Izumio and Super Lutein - Testimonial On Diabetes And High Cholestrol

Super Lutein For Osteoarthritis - Testimonial

Your Body On Anxiety

Hydrogen Water And Asthma  

Super Lutein and Izumio Hydrogen Water - Testimonial From Kidney Dialysis Patient

Izumio And Super Lutein - Testimonials From Diabetics Patients

Earning Passive Income

Izumio And Super Lutein - Testimonial On SLE (Systematic Lupus Erithematosus)

Izumio And Super Lutein - Asthma and overall immunity

Izumio And Super Lutein - Testimonial On Psoriasis And Gout

Earning Passive Income From Naturally Plus

Izumio And Super Lutein - Testimonial On Stroke

You can buzz me at my email at OR call 019 266 4290 to find out more!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Sunday Night Lazy Dinner - 24 April 2016

We hardly cook during the weekend.  Saturday nights are eat out nights and Sunday nights are take-away nights.

On Sundays, after lunch outside, we normally take-away pizza (for the kids' sake. I don't fancy pizzas unless I make them myself and put ingredients that I like), sushi, fried rice or fried noodles.  Well, basically anything that is easy to heat up, eat and wash up.  I am lazy I know!

Here's our takeout dinner last Sunday:

Hawaiian pizza, Korean fried chicken drum sticks and Korean grilled chicken.  These are for the girls.  The mil made a simple fried rice with ginger, eggs and Chinese sausage for herself and me.  I also had a cup of sugar-free Hersheys cocoa with oats, ground almond, coconut oil and skim milk.

Vegetables of the day - cool sliced kyuri and cool red and green sweet capsicums.

Healthy Home-Cooked Dishes

If you cook everyday, I am sure you are always running out of idea on what to cook. When the MIL is around, this stress is off my shoulders :D

However, whenever she is overseas, I will always be sitting in front of my computer, googling for easy-to-cook recipes. If you follow my blogs, I am sure you know by now  that I am not someone who loves to cook or bake :D

Put it simply, I am  not one who loves food (but I married a man who is a foodie and comes from a family who hearts food) but I cook for the love of my precious angels.

If you are looking for new dishes to surprise your family, you can try the following easy and wholesome dishes:

Below:  Braised organic Japanese pumpkin with pork / chicken slices and dried shrimps.
Stir-fried assortment of vegetables.  We have celery, yellow capsicum, red capsicum, Shimeiji mushrooms and fish cakes, stir-fried with garlic and onions.

Below: steamed golden pomfret fish with minced tau cheong, garlic and ginger.

Happy cooking! ;)

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Healthy Lunch - Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Healthy lunch menu for today is:

1.  Organic pumpkin porridge with soft pork, peanuts, dried oysters and duck's egg.  Rice used is low carb Basmathi rice.

2.  Organic raw mung bean sprouts + baby radish salad drizzled with roasted sesame seed dressing and Furikake.

Today is maid-less day :(

Absolutely hate it when our part-time helper does not come on a day that I am  busy. The girls' exams are still on-going and tonight will be another vomit-blood + hair-pulling session with them (Sherilyn and Cass).  Alycia's first term exam will be held next week and spread over a period of 2 weeks. She is pretty independent and can do revisions on her own but still needs nagging and pushing.

The mil has gone shopping and I have asked her to take-away fried rice and noodles from Din Tai Fung for dinner.

Once I am done with this post, I'll be off to some chores-xercise around the house! I hate mopping the floor, yet I do it everyday simply because I hate dirt! Darn the OCD in me *AARGH*!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Old Is Gold - Card Games

When we were back in Ipoh for Qing Ming two weekends ago, my mum unearthed some of the card games that my brothers and I used to play with, over 3 decades ago!

My mum's a real good keeper of our books, toys and clothes.  Some of these cards games are not available for sale now and can only be purchased from a toy museum.

While Alycia and Sherilyn spent their afternoon at the Ipoh Swimming Club with their grand aunts and cousins, I stayed home with Cass and we played all the card and board games that I used to play with when I was her age -- Old Maid, Beggar My Neighbor, Happy Families, Snakes And Ladders, chess, Black Jack and Go Fish using a deck of Playing Cards.  The weather in Ipoh was hotter than KL and we stayed indoor with the air-conditioner turned on all day, enjoying our good old board and card games :)

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Our Sunday - 10 April 2016

We spent out Sunday morning at Low Yat Plaza shopping for computer and mobile phone accessories.  It was my first time at Low Yat Plaza;  I was thrilled and floored  to see the legion of computers, mobile phones and multitudinous supply of accessories at the shops within the complex. With every shop selling almost the same goods, there is so much competition and bargain for shoppers to get the best priced electrical item.

The prices of goods at the shops that we went to were very reasonable.   The Hello Kitty Samsung mobile phone cover that hubs got for me was priced at RM19.90 with a RM12 discount off the item! Now, that's a real steal! No where could we get such a nice mobile phone cover at that price.

Hubs  got us a new speaker, web cam, pen drives, chargers, phone covers and iPad cover.

These two keyboards with neon colored keys caught my eyes. I wanted to get one of them but it wasn't too long ago that hubs got me a new wireless keyboard.  No way would he get me a new one. But you know what? The next day, my wireless keyboard had a faulty key, all of a sudden, as if it knew that I wanted to disown it to get a new one!  Perhaps hubs would get me the neon color keyboard should he make another trip to Low Yat Plaza :D

After shopping, we had a sumptuous lunch of dim sum at Lai Ching Yuen Chinese Restaurant @ Millennium Hotel with hubs' aunts, uncles and cousins.

Below - our girls monkeying around with a Face Swap app with their young aunts (hubs' has cousins aged 8 through 20s) and had tons and tons of guffaw and cackle.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

My 43rd Birthday

My 43rd birthday on 29 March 2016 was a pretty quiet, low-key affair.

The hubs wanted to bring us to Mid Valley Megamall for dinner but it was a school-going day.  So I suggested going to a nearby cafe. We went to our favorite cafe, Red Kettle and had a quick dinner.

My birthday pressie from the hubs was claimed about a week later, when I had the time to shop for it when the girls were at school.  I prefer getting gifts this way as I get to buy something that I like vs a surprise, which is more often than not something that I don't really use or like. I am practical like that.

There was no big and fanciful cake as we always end up giving away three quarter of the cake to friends, tutor, our part-time helper and guards at our condo.  No wastage this time. It was a slice of carrot walnut cake with cream cheese from my favorite cafe :)

The best gift this year is from Cass.  She gave me RM60, which was all her savings.  In the morning of  my birthday...

Cass - mummy, I present to you THIS!!

It was all the notes and coins that she had been saving all her life. And she gave them all to me, in her favorite coin box!

She then forced me to buy a handbag from Lazada.  I browsed the shopping website and chose a yellow MNG tote bag but I hadn't had the time to check out from the website and pay. I dilly dallied while Cass reminded me everyday to check out and pay. Finally when I had the time to to make online payment  several days later, the bag was OUT OF STOCK!  Bummer!  I was disappointed but Cass was even more disappointed than me.  She kept urging me to choose another color and I chose a pastel green MNG tote bag, which cost RM59 (after a massive discount), as per picture below:

The MNG tote bag arrived yesterday and I am so in love with it.  This is Cass' first gift to me and though it is not very expensive monetarily, it is nevertheless very expensive to Cass as she had used all her life savings to get it for me :)

Thank you God for this angel.

Choosing the Shipping Options Best for Your Product Line

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The government expects you to ship your fragile and risky products safely. You can explore your options and choose the one that is best for you by researching online today.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Qing Ming 2016 (3 April 2016)

After a hot morning performing Qing Ming rites, we left Ipoh for KL at about 1:45pm.

Traffic was not smooth unlike yesterday but tolerable.  There were many vehicles traveling back to the South, nonetheless they were not at snail's pace. We reached KL at around 4ish pm, which was slightly longer than usual.

Good thing there's a TV in the car - the girls and I enjoyed a nice movie - Daddy's Home. By the time the movie was over, we were almost reaching KL.

This trip has been really 'fruitful' for the foodie hubs as he  killed a few birds with one stone.  Besides paying respect to his departed loved ones, he managed to tuck into all his favorite famous Ipoh hawkers fare.

From Hakka noodles, pork balls, fish balls and stuffed 'liu' (pic below)...

To mouth-watering curry noodles.  The picture of this bowl of curry noodles is already making my tummy growl now!

He also sweated it out at the ever-crowded world-famous Kong Heng coffee shop in old town and dug into his favorite 'ngar choi kai see hor fun' (bean sprouts shredded chicken flat noodles), chee cheong fun, char koay teow and God knows what else. I was hibernating at home with the air-conditioner turned on and 2 fans blowing at me. The El-Nino heat has been really unbearable and I just did not feel like leaving the house.  I gave him an order of my yum list and he bought them all for me :D

The hubs surprised me with my favorite fresh cempedak swiss roll (not in my order list), which was yummy to the max!

We had an early dinner at 5pm of all the famous Ipoh hawkers food, which the hubs ta-pau back to KL.

Everyone, including the hubs conked out by 9pm but I am still enjoying my much missed quiet time at the computer now.  Thank God it's a school-declared holiday for the girls tomorrow, yippee!!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Izumio And Super Lutein - Testimonial On Stroke

Almost a year ago,  the Mom of my team member's friend  had a stroke. She collapsed and could not walk and could not talk. At that time, my friend was 3 hours away from her Mom but her sister had called her to say Mom had fallen. My friend had literally just collected 3 boxes of Izumio for her own daughter for her gut healing as she had a tendency to break out often. She then rushed to her Mom's side. The ambulance took Mom to the Hospital.

Prior to this, she had instructed her sister to give Mom a packet of Izumio knowing that Izumio could help save a life. You would just not believe this but after that one packet, the Mom became conscious and could talk again. She had no recollection of where she was, who she was, who her family members were and did not recognise anyone.

At the hospital, the Doctor's plan was to open up her brain and fix it. My friend had so much faith in Izumio that she gave a story to the Doctors to hold on with the operation. With stroke and an old lady, anything could go wrong. She told the Doctor to wait for her brothers from abroad to arrive back first before going ahead with the brain surgery.  She can even read her Bible.

Meanwhile, she made friends with the nurses and learnt how they fed her Mom through the feeding tube. And when nobody was watching, she poured Izumio into the feeding tube. 4 packets a day to be exact. The very next day, the droop on her Mom's face had reversed. The 4 packets a day continued in secret.

5 days later, her Mom vomited the blood clot out and she panicked shit. But her Mom was OK thereafter!!!!

She did not end up having any brain surgery.

Today, the Mom's white hair has turned back to black. Prior to her stroke, my friend had already plans to bring Mom for a glaucoma operation but now she no longer needs it as she can see and is no longer at risk.

Now this sounds like a miracle that is just too good to be true. You don't have to believe it. But if there is a life to be saved, go out and do it.  My team member totally trusts her friend and I know that if anyone around me whom I loved had a stroke (God forbid), I would have done a similar thing.
Because I believe in the powerful healing properties of Hydrogen.

For more reading on Izumio and Super Lutein, please click on the following links:

Hydrogen (H2) as a potent antioxidant and exhibits anti-inflammatory and potentially anticancer-like activities (from US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health)

Izumio Hydrogen Water and Super Lutein
 Dangers of Eczema Steroid Creams

Super Lutein and Izumio Hydrogen Water For Glaucoma

Effects of Hydrogen Rich Water On Metabolic Syndrome (Diabetes and Obesity) - from US National Library of Medicine

Izumio and Super Lutein - Testimonials From High Blood Pressure and Diabetes Patients

Izumio and Super Lutein - Testimonial On Diabetes And High Cholestrol

Super Lutein For Osteoarthritis - Testimonial

Your Body On Anxiety

Hydrogen Water And Asthma  

Super Lutein and Izumio Hydrogen Water - Testimonial From Kidney Dialysis Patient

Izumio And Super Lutein - Testimonials From Diabetics Patients

Earning Passive Income

Izumio And Super Lutein - Testimonial On SLE (Systematic Lupus Erithematosus)

Izumio And Super Lutein - Asthma and overall immunity

Izumio And Super Lutein - Testimonial On Psoriasis And Gout

Earning Passive Income From Naturally Plus

You can buzz me at my email at to find out more! 

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Eve of April's Fool 2016

Drama Queen, a rogue since she was a toddler has a few pranks up her sleeves for April's Fool Day tomorrow!

Since this morning, she has been wishing everyone at home "Happy Eve Of April's Fool Day!" in a real devilish tone.  She practiced pranking everyone at home to the point that it got on everyone's nerves!

After dinner, I saw Drama Queen sculpting something. She asked me to make a guess on what she's making.  OMG, it looked like a piece of shit.  She's going to prank her friends with that piece of shit!!

Just a moment ago, after she had gone to bed, I ransacked her school bag and found a cute Hello Kitty gift box that I have never seen before. It was complete with a cushion inside. Once the cushion was removed, I was startled.  I had expected to see a piece of shit but she changed her mind and transformed it into some kind of shit bug! And it looks so real too.

I showed this to the hubby and he was very nonchalant about it. I teased him that Drama Queen has inherited all his holy terror DNA!

I  sympathize with the friend who is going to get pranked tomorrow by this rapscallion!  I warned her not to overdo her pranks, lest I spend my entire morning in school at the disciplinarian's office!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter Sunday - 27 March 2016

Our Easter Day was a fun-filled and eggciting one for the girls, especially Cass.

After a day's outing, she continued her eggciting Easter Day with Easter egg painting at home. She had been bugging me for exactly 1 year to do this activity at home but as usual, busyness, procrastination and LAME excuses have always been my "like real excuses" to poor Cass.  Truth is I hate to clean up on a maid-free day and Sundays are the only days that we are free to do activities at home. Yup, I am spoilt like that. I hate doing house work yet I love my house to be super clean without a speck of dirt.   Such a horrible mom I am!  You can call me a clean freak as well.

So here she is, happily painting her Easter eggs with Sharpie. You see, I even made her use Sharpie vs water color and poster paint colors coz the latter is messier! Ouch, bad mom!!

Nonetheless, she enjoyed her egg-painting very much and I felt like a  good mom :)

The weather was sizzling hot on Sunday. The girls were all set to play with their visiting uncles from London (aged 8 and 9 years old) and dragged me along to the pool area. After watching them under the gazebo for one hour, I was sweating profusely. Hubby took over and I went back and took another shower.  If you know me well, I am a 'puteri lilin' and I will surely melt in the outdoors in the afternoon, though under shades! :D

Friday, March 25, 2016

Eating Clean

Do you realize that as we age, we become more mindful about what we put into our mouths? I am not sure about you but it sure is the case for me as I age.

When I was a young girl, I couldn't be bothered with what went into my body. I was addicted to chocolates, candies, white flour products, chips, packet snacks, ham, sausages, bacon, burgers, fast food, deep fried food and fizzy drinks.   I hated to drink plain water and being a kid, I didn't know the dangers of stuffing my body with junk. In those days in the 1970s through 1990s, no one was really bothered. Cancer was hardly heard of. People just had fewer diseases. My brothers and I played outdoors a lot, every single day.

When I was a young working adult, I was still not concerned about eating clean. Well, I was not aware yet of the importance of eating clean. I had an endless stash of junk food in my office drawer. I was the junk food 'supplier' to my beloved colleagues.  I had candies, sweets, biscuits, chips and a whole load of rubbish in the drawer, perpetually. Gawd, why did I even do that?  It would take years to get rid of  the remnants of these junk and gunk from my body. I am glad that I have found Izumio to help  zap away all the toxins and free radicals from my system.

It was only when I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) in late 2000 which caused me unexplainable weight gain, acne and the most significant of all, infertility, that my whole life made an about turn, for the better. It was only then that I did a lot of research on PCOS. What I gathered from the internet propelled me to make a 360 degree change in my lifestyle. I incorporated exercise in my daily life and went on a low-carb diet. Junk food was almost totally eliminated from my life.

Now that I am in my 40s and have genetic high cholesterol, I made a decision to be a flexitarian, i.e. my diet is mostly vegetarian and I eat very little meat. I try to eat clean on most days but there will be cheat days where I allow myself to indulge in my favorite sinful food, moderately.

Thankfully I have a very health conscious MIL who stays with us. She whips up only healthy food, consisting mainly of vegetables.

Below is one of our regular dinners at home, with vegetables-centered dishes.

Braised organic Japanese pumpkin with chicken slices, blanched lady fingers, French bean omelette and steamed fish with ginger, soy sauce and fried garlic.

All these are simple dishes yet I thoroughly enjoy them. We hardly have deep fried food and keep processed food to the minimal in our larder :)

Monday, March 21, 2016

Dreaming Of A Pet Dog

A new pet shop has just opened its doors at our neighborhood, right next to the music center that Cass goes to.  I didn't even notice the pet shop until Cass shouted out excitedly to me that she saw our favorite dog, a Siberian Husky puppy in the pet shop!

We were so excited! After piano lesson on Saturday, we checked out the puppies at the pet shop. Each and every puppy costs a whopping RM6,800!!!

Our favorites were the Husky and a Hush Puppy. IF ONLY we have a plot of land next to our house and IF ONLY we had the moolah, I am so going to get us a puppy!  A Golden Retriever, Labrador, Husky or a Beagle. We once had a Beagle named Happy but had to give it up for adoption when we could not find the time to shower it with the love and care it needed.  Alycia and Sherilyn were both under 2 years old then.

One day, just one day, we'll own a dog. Cass has always promised me that when she grows up and gets a job, she'll buy me a bungalow and get us a dog! LOL!  Let's see if her wish will materialize.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Sunday Lazy Meals - 13 March 2016

When I was recovering from Influenza last weekend, I had  zilch appetite.  I was actually getting better last Saturday but after tucking into some rich, heaty and oily Italian food at a Lego launch where bloggers were invited, I got home feeling a hundred times worse.   I felt like the cactus in my throat had grown a million times thornier after the event. I felt really sick. I did not feel like talking that evening coz I yakked a lot at the event and I partially lost my voice after the event.

After downing many packets of Izumio and popping over 6 Super Lutein on Saturday, I felt much better on Sunday. The headache, eye ball ache and body ache were gone.  But I still did not feel like eating anything. I still did not feel like myself yet.  And the sweltering El Nino heat made things worse.

I only felt like eating cold semi-sold food. So I kept whacking my favorite skinny sugar-free yoghurt and Haagen Dazs ice-cream!

Drama Queen made some toasties with Food For Friends cheddar cheese and avocado and I had half a slice.

Lunch was at our favorite friendly neighborhood restaurant. I told the lady boss what I wanted and she whipped up my favorite fish slice vermicelli with spinach with reduced salt and oil.  That bowl of noodles was such a comfort!

After lunch, the foodie hubs dragged us to LDG Cafe.  While he enjoyed his cuppa latte, we enjoyed some desserts -- Creme Brulee...

and some French chocolate dessert.

After clocking in 9 hours of sleep per night for 5 nights straight, I am finally myself again.  Sleep is one of the most important ingredients for our body to recover, without which, it will take a long time to heal.  Of course, you need good nutrition and a good supplement for your body to function optimally.  I am glad that I have my Izumio and Super Lutein to give me the peace of mind in good and bad times :)

Monday, March 14, 2016

Heavy Rain Finally!!

We got a much much needed respite from the scorching El-Nino heat today, thank you God!!

It finally poured heavily today, for a good 2 hours.

After dinner today, I brought the girls down for some much-needed exercise.  We jogged at the jogging tracks, Cass played on her scooter and later I played badminton with Alycia.

From 37 degrees C to 27 degrees C, the vast temperature drop has been a real blessing to us KL folks.  
Here's praying to more daily thunderstorms to fill up the dams and to avert another water rationing!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Easy Home-Cooked Dishes

These are all easy home-cooked dishes, yet awesomely yummy!  The mil whipped them up. With her around, I can sit back and relax in the evenings :D

Pan-fried crispy fish.
Stir-fried young lotus root with sliced lean pork

Below: minced garlic with red cut chilly and lime juice to go with the fried fish.

Below: Braised chicken with  sea cucumber, mushroom, garlic and fish maw.

Braised pork ribs with foo choke (bean curd sheet).
Stir-fried organic long beans with roast pork.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Hot Hot Day!

Today has been another super super hot and humid day.

After checking on Cass in school, I went to the coffee shop to get some lunch. Though the walk from my car to the coffee shop was a mere 1 minute, by the time I reached home, I was already sweating profusely.

So off I went to the bathroom for a quick 1-minute shower.  I already had a full shower from head to toe at 8am after swimming today.  My next 1-minute shower was in the afternoon, after being air-fried by the hot air while waiting for Cass and Sherilyn at the lobby for 15 minutes.

Yesterday, I had 5 showers - 2 full showers from head to toe and 3 quickies lasting only a minute each time - just a splash of cold water to wash away the sweat and to cool myself up.

The picture below was taken along my way to the lobby to wait for Cass and Sherilyn at 2ish pm.  Today's temp. is a burning 38 degrees Celsius! No wonder I felt feverish.

For those of you who are under layers of thick clothing in temps below 0 degrees Celsius, don't you just wish you were here melting away?  I sure wish I could swap places with you and be freezing under layers of clothing. I don't like being roasted.

Monday, March 7, 2016

UPSR Cash Reward For The Big Girl

I didn't know that the girls' school (primary) has a cash reward scheme in place for UPSR candidates who score 5As, 6As and 7As in the exam.  That's the problem with the big girl, who is an introvert. She does not share much  happenings with me.  Often times, I need to bribe her with goodies to make her spill.   Most of the time, I get the news from Sherilyn and Cass who yak  non-stop, ever so generous with their information with me.  Sometimes they blather too much and this can be quite annoying, on days when my mind is stressed out with problems and work.

I only found out from Alycia early last week that she needed to make a trip to her primary school on Saturday for a cash reward and certificate giving ceremony.

And her reward for scoring 5As is RM80 cash and a certificate :)  Not bad at all eh?

Getting quality restorative treatment for a chipped tooth.

Last year we played host to a childhood friend of mine and her hubby in our home. My friend and her hubby are travellers and they have been to many places. They have been staying in Dublin and they were back for a month long visit to Malaysia. Their last trip was more than 5 years ago.  They spent their first few days with us before going off to enjoy a beach holiday at one of our popular island resorts.

On their last evening at the resort, her hubby slipped and fell at the pool side. He fell face down and his front tooth was chipped off. Other than that, he was not badly hurt except for a cut on his lower lip. Those  around him quickly came to his aid. The chipped tooth was sharp and it was hurting his tongue, causing him much discomfort. Fortunately for him, he knew about Dental Departure from his friend who is also a regular traveller. He quickly booked an appointment through Dental Departure with a highly qualified dentist in the city for the necessary repair work to his front tooth.

Dental Departures has each clinic listed on their web site.  Patients have to complete an online questionnaire asking for details on the quality of the clinic and its dentists. They also check on the dentist’s years in business, dental licensing, guarantees, insurance, sterilization techniques, prior malpractice/criminal history.  They have personally visited 80% of the clinics listed and met with the management team and dentists.  Customers are able to compare clinics and dentists by viewing their photos, reviews, prices, education, years in business, free extras and certification on Dental Departures’ website.

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