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Monday, October 5, 2015

Breadfruits @ Faber Tower, Taman Desa, KL

Another cafe made it into the hubby's list of favorite eateries recently.   Breadfruits @ Faber Tower, Taman Desa serves all his favorite things --  Big Breakfast, fresh juices, wholesome sandwiches, fish, pork, beef and salad.

Despite its vegetarian-bait name, Breadfruits has nurtured a meaty reputation for pork because of its bacon-filled brunches.  I had only tried their breakfast menu items once when they opened their cafe a few months back and their dinner menu was not ready yet.   Last Saturday, we had a sumptuous dinner at Breadfruits.

The first dish that arrived was Pork Belly Smokey Sechuan @ RM28.80.  This is a very lovely combo of grilled purple sweet potato, crisp rocket leaves, juicy cherry tomatoes, juicy pork belly and crispy bacon strips.  It's a fusion of Chinese and Western flavors and is such a ravishing dish to savour.  This got my thumbs up and I am definitely ordering this again.

Grilled chicken mushroom with baby asparagus @ RM27.80 is for the health conscious and those on a low-carb diet. The chicken breast meat is tender and juicy.  This dish would have been even more delightful had there been more mushrooms and sauce to go with the chicken breast.

Basil Cashew Pesto Pasta With Garden Rocket (Arugula) @ RM19.80 - simple yet full of flavors and texture.

Vegetable salad with mushrooms @ RM19.80.  Another to-order dish for health freaks.

Tangy Tomato Chorizo  Pasta @ RM22.80 - super love the tangy tomato sauce with strips of chorizo (sausage) complemented with crisp rocket leaves and grated cheese.

Pork Chop Thyme Sage With Papaya And Passion Fruit @ RM30.80 is another enjoyable dish prepared with heart. The strips of radish, beetroot and carrot salad with sweetened vinegar are tangy, juicy and fresh.  The papaya wedges are grilled and slightly warm when served. The pork chop is very juicy, flavor-intense and succulent.  I am definitely going to try dishing up this salad soon!

The arrival of this impressively ingredient-driven dish instantly buoyed my soul!
This is what makes this cafe beloved and we will definitely be ordering this dish again.

We snapped this baked red snapper fish @ RM52.80.  The fish is fresh, juicy and tangy and has echoes of  a Teochew style steamed fish twist in the cooking.

The hubby washed down his meal with a tall glass of detox juice.  Wish we had more stomach space to try their cakes.  All of Breadfruits' creations are unique in their own style and prepared with heart. There will definitely be another time at Breadfruits for us.  The hubby was already talking about trying out other pork chop and fish dishes that evening!

G13 G Podium Faber Tower 1
Jalan Desa Bahagia,
Taman Desa,
58100 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan
Phone:+60 3-7497 6915

Want Healthy Teeth? Use These Tips to Help

You want to have healthy teeth and you want to keep them for as long as you can, right? If you’re like most people you never want to have to think about dental implants or dentures in your later years.

While technology is getting a lot better in dental care, a lot of the responsibility still falls on you when it comes to taking care of your teeth. Use these tips to help you keep your teeth as healthy as possible without really changing your routine much at all.

Carry Dental Floss
Carrying dental floss around with you might seem a little crazy, but it’s something that can really be beneficial for adults. Some dentists will even tell you that if they were forced to pick between brushing and flossing they’d pick flossing. That’s how important it is!

To keep your teeth clean and healthy, keep a spool of dental floss in your desk at work, in your bag or in your car. You can floss almost anywhere, and even doing a quick floss at your desk is better than skipping the floss altogether. 

Once you get in the habit of flossing after each meal you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

Chew Gum
Many dentists hesitate to recommend chewing gum as something that’s good for your teeth because it causes people to skip the floss and toothbrush and pop a piece of gum instead. While chewing gum can’t replace your dental floss or toothbrush, it can help you from getting cavities and damaging your teeth when you’re simply unable to brush or floss for a little while.

What you’re looking for is sugar free gum with the ingredient xylitol, which is found in many toothpastes and mouthwashes. It will help clean your teeth a little bit and prevent acids from damaging your enamel quite so much.

Go to the Dentist
Making an appointment with your dentist every six months probably isn’t something you look forward to. However, you probably do enjoy the feeling of having clean teeth and knowing that your mouth is healthy and in good shape, right?

By visiting a Brooklyn NY dentist every six months you’ll make sure that they can catch any problems that are starting before they cause you pain and a lot of money. You’ll also have better looking teeth through your life without expensive cosmetic procedures if you get regular cleanings. 

Cremation Process

The decision of how someone wants to be buried is often left to the person who passes away. The person will usually make arrangements with a funeral home and let the family know of that decision so that the family doesn't wonder about what to do when it comes to buying a casket or preparing for the funeral. Cremation is an option that many people decide on as it's less expensive, and it can offer the family away to keep the person in the home even after death. Some people don't understand the process of cremation. When cremation services in Virginia begin, they usually start shortly after the person passes away. The funeral home will send someone to get the body from the location of death. This could be a nursing home, residence or hospital. The family is notified that the person has been taken to the funeral home. The body is normally not embalmed since it will be cremated, leaving only a short period of time for the family to say any final goodbyes. Once the family has seen the body for the final time, it is sent to a facility that performs cremations.

The cremation process is rather simple. Any jewelry that the person is wearing is removed. Any items that are not removed will be destroyed during the process. Some states require a certain time frame for the body to be cremated after death. A casket can be used during the process, but parts of the casket that are combustible will be destroyed. Most facilities use a box when cremating. The box is placed inside a large furnace. This furnace is set at a high temperature. It is usually around 1,500 degrees. This ensures that all of the remains are cremated except for bone fragments and some of the dental components. The cremation process takes about an hour to complete depending on the size of the person. Once the process is over, the remains are placed in a small container and sent to the funeral home so that the family can keep them in the container or place them in an urn.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Homecooked Dinner of Mushroom And KFC Pasta and Choy Sum In Prawn Broth

On Monday, the MIL had to travel to Ipoh to attend a funeral. While she was away, I whipped up the kids' favorite for dinner...

Mushroom pasta with KFC and prawn broth.

It so happened that the MIL had prepared a pot of prawn broth a day earlier, so I used it to dish up a choy sum soup and used some of the soup for the mushroom pasta.

One of the kitchen chores that I hate the most is peeling garlic and onions. So I taichi-ed this task to Alycia and Cass!  They didn't like this chore too, especially the big grumpy girl and I told them that if they did not want to help, they can very well not eat the pasta as well. That very much got them to do the task :D

Cass donned on a pair of disposable plastic gloves and helped me to shred KFC chicken for the mushroom pasta.

Choy sum in prawn broth.  The prawn broth is made using prawn shells and prawn heads.

Mushroom pasta cooked with avocado oil, fresh button mushrooms, garlic and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

This dinner was the prelude to my many other cincai bocai dishes as the mil has just left for Hong Kong today. Whether the girls like it or not, they will have to bear with my minimalist and no frills dishes for the next three to four months! :D

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Emergency School Holiday Contributed By Haze - 28 Sept 2015

Hey folks, in case you are not aware yet, tomorrow is declared a school holiday.  Yes, another school holiday declared by the Ministry of Education (MoE) this afternoon caused by the unhealthy level of haze in certain parts of the country.

Here's the notice from the MoE dated 27 Sept 2015:

And here is the article from The Star online on the holiday announcement:

My girls will be affected by the school closure. While I am glad that I'll get an extra 2 hours of sleep, I ain't happy that they are missing their lessons again!   Final exam is exactly a week away and their teachers have yet to cover all the topics included in the exam. So how??  ** shrug shoulders **

In the meantime, keep yourself healthy during this hazy period. Drink water like a fish (we are gulping down packets of Izumio hydrogen water), pop your multi-vitamins (I am popping up to 6 a day!), stay indoors and eat healthily ok.  Steer clear of junk food and fried food.  We are still A-OK here.   Someone mentioned that we have "sun seen sui" (Godly water, LOL!!) to help us stay healthy in this dreadful weather ha ha ha!!  You want to try our Izumio and Super Lutein too?  Email me at if you're game to try! ;)

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

My Soon-To-Be 12-Year Old Alycia

What makes the big girl happiest?

Novels, lots of them. And I think she intends to fill every walking space in her bedroom with novels!




iPod / iPad / iPhone.  To me, these iGadgets make one idiotic when one spends too much time on them. And this is what the big girl is doing right now since her major exam is over now and she has no more homework to do until next January when she starts junior high school.

This is her daily indulgence now - her favorite Sunnyside Farms chocolate mint ice-cream on cone and a book.

I can get her to do ANYTHING when she's at the book store!  The book store is her enchanted fantasy island!

And these are the kind of books that this girl likes o_O

I am truly stunned that my soon-to-be 12-year old girl loves reading novels on psychotic magicians, ghosts and ghouls, mysteries, spells, ancient Egyptian gods, after life and things that will never happen in the world that we are living in!

Do you have a pre-teen girl who loves reading Rick Riordan and Michael Northrop's novels as well?

Restaurant 9888 @ Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

Nestled in the maze of shop lots off Jalan Cheras just a little after the PGRM building is Restoran 9888 which dishes out renditions of  familiar and exotic Chinese dishes for lunch and dinner.  If not for the foodie hubs who traverses the Klang Valley with his basketball mates in search of new eateries and discovered this restaurant, I would never have thought that such an awesome Chinese restaurant that serves such good food exists in this obscure place in Cheras.

And so the celebration of my mum's 69th birthday continued on the second night of her stay in KL.

The first dish that came was suckling pig.  Everyone gave their thumbs up and commented that the meat tasted unique and very delish -- it's different from other suckling pigs. I can't attest to that as I am no fan of suckling pig and did not eat any.  Errr, I think it's too cruel to grill a baby pig :(   Don't crucify me fans of suckling pigs!

Steamed fish ala Thai style with very appetizing lime, garlic and chili sauce. This will definitely be our repeat order the next time we patronize this restaurant.

Crabs in salted egg yolk...

Stuffed puffed tofu with fish paste soup...

Pumpkin rice wrapped in leaves...

Everyone's favorite - steamed free-range chicken with jelly fish...

Tangy appetizer of julienned white and purple cabbage...

Combo of deep fried spinach with salted egg yolk on top and red spinach in salted egg yolk soup below. This dish is very interesting and tasty but the portion is SO huge that we only managed to finish half the plate. What a waste!   We were told that there is only one size for this dish.

We wound down our scrummy meal with an exotic dessert - coconut jelly with custard served in whole coconut shell.

We will definitely be back to sample other dishes from their extensive menu of unique and exotic dishes.  This restaurant is worth braving the traffic, parking and crowds to discover!

Restaurant 9888
No. 111-117G, Jalan Cerapu Satu
Off Jalan Cheras, Batu 3 1/4
56100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel. 603-9283 7889
Mobile. 012-360 5967

N03′ 11.945 E101′ 72.932

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Mum's Birthday Weekend

My parents came to KL over the weekend.  Mum's 69th birthday was celebrated in KL this year, as in previous years.

After dinner at Hiong Kong Restaurant @ Pudu Plaza, we segued into Les Deux Garcons to have the cake-cutting session.

Honey Bunny feeding Best Buddy birthday cake.

Cass calls my mum Best Buddy and my mum calls her Honey Bunny! :)

The next day (Saturday, 20 Sept 2015), we spent the entire morning and afternoon at Mid Valley Megamall shopping and eating.

Breakfast was at Nyonya Colors and lunch was at Sushi Tei.  Cass stuck to my mum like ants to sugar!

My dearest papa and mama...

Delish Japanese grub for lunch...

After spending almost 2 hours at Uniqlo, we had dessert of cream puffs at Beard Papa's.

More photos on our eating adventure up next....

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Homecooked Dishes

Yummy dishes whipped up by the MIL for the past 2 days...

Dinner on 17 Sept 2015...

1.  Sauteed zucchini with fresh baby shrimps bought from Kuala Selangor last week.
2.  T-bone pork chop with big onions.
3.  Fish soup with tomatoes and tofu. It's her first time dishing up this soup and it's so yummy. The kids love it!  You can even add in some veggies and chicken fillet to make this a one-pot dish.
4.  Steamed black rice with Korean rice

Dinner a few nights ago...

1.  Stir-fried organic red spinach with garlic
2.  Assam fish with ladies fingers, tomatoes and brinjals
3.  Sauteed celery with pork slices. You can replace it with chicken fillet or minced beef.

The MIL will be leaving for Hong Kong by end of this month and well, the kitchen's all mine again. I'm having bitter and sweet feelings about being a cook once again for the next few months. Right now, I have totally lost my mojo to cook. I'll need a few days to pick up the momentum.  Thankfully my new part-time maid  told me that she loves cooking (she used to be a cook!) and does not mind cooking for us **BIG GRIN and feeling thankful**

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

New Batch Of Izumio And Super Lutein Stock!

I received another batch of Izumio and Super Lutein on Sunday!  Since my friend sent the stock to me on a Sunday, Cass was around to help me  lug them up to our unit on the 5th floor.

We are pumping up extra packets of Izumio hydrogen water during these crazy hazy days and thank God, everyone is still in the pink of health with no throat irritation, cough, flu or other ailments.

Did I tell you that I managed to meet the company's deadline and won myself a FREE all-expense with free pocket money trip to Japan to visit the Super Lutein factory? Yup, I made it just in the nick of time on the day of the deadline, phew!!!  But sadly, I can't go as the trip is during a school-going week!!   Nonetheless, our big boss has kindly allowed me to swap the Japan trip with another full package of Izumio worth over RM5,000, woohooo!!!   Working for Naturally Plus is really rewarding. I can work at my own pace and the benefits are awesome!

If anyone of you is interested to know how this Naturally Plus business works to help you earn passive income, do drop me an email me at to find out more :)

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Crazy Hazy Days Are Back

The haze is getting worse each day. Today is really really bad, so bad that we have to shut all our windows and get baked inside our house at 33 degrees Celsius.  I can even smell the smog inside the bathroom when I shower!

But thankfully we have Izumio hydrogen water to help us stay healthy and keep those vexatious throat irritation and coughs at bay.

And not forgetting my daily dose of fresh smoothie for everyone.  Today's smoothie composes of pineapple, orange, cucumber and fresh coconut water.

The MIL has also been diligently boiling a medley of cooling herbal drinks for everyone everyday.

Lin Chee Kang with Luo Hon Guo - a sweet herbal dessert with a concoction of cooling and nourishing ingredients - Luo Hon Guo, lotus seeds, suet yue (white snow fungus), dried longan meat, dried lily bulbs, palm sugar and pandan leaves.

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