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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

2 More Days To Go....

Yes, 2 more days to go before my confinement ends and I can finally bid farewell to my confinement lady. Let me tell you, the past 28 days were one of my worst. I hate going through confinement period, I did not enjoy my previous 2 confinements and this is my worst.... and I hope it will be my very last confinement too. I dislike the CL (except my 1st CL), I hated the pain on my wound, I hate the hot weather, I hate it that I have to bathe with ginger and murky color water, I hate it that I can't bathe with cold water, I hate it that I can't go out for 30 days (though I broke the confinement rule this time and went out once) and I just hate everything about the confinement. Now when the CL goes back, I know I will have lesser time to myself, I can't wake up at 9:30am everyday anymore and I will have to care for Baby C myself fulltime, on top of caring for Alycia and Sherilyn. But that's ok.... I love my 3 angels!
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