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Monday, May 26, 2008

Alycia's First Sports Day

Alycia participated in her first ever sports day in pre-school on 9 May 08. It's a pity I couldn't attend her maiden sports day as I had to stay at home with Baby C. It would be crazy to bring along a 1-month old baby to watch Alycia under the scorching sun. Anyway, I'm glad that the hubs, my dad, mum and younger brother attended Alycia's sports day. They were here the day before to attend Baby C's fullmoon party. I think Alycia is the only kid in pre-school whose daddy, grandparents and uncle came to watch her in action... and she was so proud!

Alycia in action.

Koong Koong and Alycia in the parent and child event.

Koong Koong helping Alycia pour water into the water bottle in the parent and child event.

Alycia came home with a little trophy and a pressie... which koong koong won when he helped Alycia answer a question.
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