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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Baby C’s Eczema And Cradle Cap

After 5 days on Betamethasone cream, the eczema on Baby C’s face cleared. However, the next day (6th day), the eczema / rashes started to make their reappearance. I then applied a thin layer of Hydrocortisone on her face, as advised by the paed. I am only applying the Hydrocortisone cream on her face once a day. On the parts of her face that I applied the Hydrocortisone cream, they were eczema / rash free. However, on parts that I did not apply the cream, eczema / rashes erupted. I have cut down on drinking milk myself (but have not totally stopped) and have replaced milk with sugar-free soya powder as dairy products are known to trigger eczema. I am also avoiding other food that would trigger the eczema like beef and seafood (except fish). I don’t use any soap on Baby C’s body when I bathe her, apart from the diaper area and Baby C’s hair, which I use 1 or 2 drops of Johnson’s PH 5.5 soap-free shower cream to wash and rinse with lots of water. The cradle cap on Baby C’s head has not cleared but I am not doing anything to it, though it does smell unpleasant.

Baby C's face all smooth and fair again.
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