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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Low Carb High Protein Diet

Ever since my 1 month confinement was over on Friday last week, I have stopped eating rice and noodles. During my confinement, I only ate a couple spoonfulls of rice but ate lots of chicken, vegetables and sometimes fish and pork. My weight shot up by another 1kg during my confinement. Now, I am trying to shed off some pounds as my tummy is still bulging, as if I am 3 months pregnant. This is what I ate for lunch yesterday :

I ate the entire chunk of this 'siew yoke' (roast pork). Gotcha, just kidding! Though I am supposed to be on a high protein diet, I still can't be eating fatty stuff like this. I only ate a quarter of it for lunch and another quarter for dinner.

I drank the entire pot of papaya soup with fried fish and pork ribs which my mil boiled.... of course not in one meal but for lunch and dinner.

Also drank a big bowl of sweet corn soup at 10pm when there was still some left in the pot. My mil boiled this for Alycia and Sherilyn as sweet corn soup is their favorite soup.

That's my lunch - all protein and fibre. The vege is just blanched and not stir-fried. I also indulged in a wedge of sweet corn, which is a no-no for dieters. Sweet corns have high GI and are supposed to be fattening.

3 more weeks to go and I can resume my running sessions in the morning. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can find the time to jog and not have to push Baby C in a jogger, coz that will be so troublesome and burdensome.

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