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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Maid Stories

During the past 1 month when I was in my confinement, I hardly checked my maid’s work. I used to wake up early in the morning to work on my computer whilst I supervised her when she did her work before I delivered Baby C. Because of this, her performance has slacked. She doesn’t follow the daily work roster anymore and she did many things that really pissed me off. I have also caught her a few times handling Alycia and Sherilyn very roughly. Last week, I caught her raising her hand on the pretext of hitting Sherilyn to frighten her as Sherilyn did not listen to her. Whilst I can’t blame her to lose her cool with Sherilyn (coz even I can’t handle Sherilyn myself and always lose my patience with her), she still can’t threaten to hit Sherilyn. Now, both Alycia and Sherilyn hate my maid and don’t want my maid to handle them anymore. Consequently, I have to handle all 3 kids myself. What I do now is while my maid bathes the 2 older kids, I wait outside the bathroom and watch them. After she is done bathing them, I take over and dress them up, blow dry their hair and clean their ears.

to be continued.....
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