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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More Of Sherilyn's Terrible Threes

Of late, Sherilyn has a habit of folding her arms to vent out her anger whilst she pouts her lips and puts on a disgruntled expression on her face each time her whims and fancies are not met. She even scolds me back with hurtful words.

In this pic, Sherilyn got angry when my mil and I did not allow her to change her pants. She was wearing a pair of shorts the whole morning. After a while, she decided that she wanted to wear long pants. Lately, she has a liking to wear long pants at home..... and she likes to change her pants and clothes a few times in a day. It is really hot to wear long pants at home as the weather has been terribly hot and humid lately. She also had yeast infection recently so we discouraged her from wearing long pants which would make her sweat, but she wouldn't listen. She would pull a chair to the cabinet, climb on the chair and unlock the cabinet (she now knows how to unlock all our cabinets and child safety gates) and fish her long pants out. She does that 2-3 times in a day. When her demands are not met, she would wail and roll on the floor. Looks like her Terrible Threes behavior is far worse than her Terrible Twos as she now knows how to verbally and mentally challenge me. Is your child like this too? I really hope I can find a good way of tackling Sherilyn who is really driving me bonkers.
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