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Monday, May 12, 2008


Do you know how long I took to complete and submit a review to the advertiser today? I spent almost the whole afternoon trying to type the post and 1 hour to submit the post at night. There were interruptions, mostly from Baby C after almost every line that I had typed. Just when I thought that Baby C was fast asleep after I had nursed her at 11pm, I switched on the baby monitor and quietly crept downstairs to work. Before I could even warm my seat, I heard her 'eeeee eeeee aaaaar aaaaar' on the baby monitor. I rushed up and nursed her again for 15 minutes. Then came downstairs again. This went on 3 times - I went upstairs, nursed her, pat her bum (but she wouldn't want to sleep, only wanted my teats!) came downstairs and heard her cries. Finally, I realized that this will not stop, so I carried her downstairs and placed her on the bouncinet on the floor, next to my PC. With both my hands typing, I stretched out my left leg and moved the bouncinet with it. That naughty brat slept soundly without a sound!
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