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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Melody Cookie / Bread Cutter

The Bento lunch box and Bento tools bug has bitten me. I am starting to go crazy over these stuff. I got infected when I read the blog of LZMommy, Blessed Mum of 3 and AllThingsPurple. I love to see the Bento boxes they prepare for their kids and cute tools they bought.
So before my sil and brother from Singapore came to KL last week, I asked them to help me look for Bento boxes and tools. They managed to get a set of Sanrio My Melody cookie / bread cutter, Hello Kitty bento box , a Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox and some cute cutlery for the gals from Takashimaya. I am still looking for the egg moulds and food picks and I saw them for sale at eBay. I find buying things from eBay rather troublesome, so I'll wait for AllThingsPurple's friend to bring those stuff from Japan and I'll buy them from her. Are you hit by the Bento bug too?
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