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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Peace At Last

Today, hubby brought Alycia and Sherilyn to the biggest theme park in Malaysia at Times Square. There is finally peace at home.... for me. I've wanted some quietness and some me time for a long time and finally I have it today. For the past 1 month, there were so many people in the house - friends, relatives and my house was really noisy.... with people coming in and out of my house the whole day, people chatting from morning to midnight, screaming and wailing toddlers and the cries of a hungry newborn baby. I hardly had the time to rest my mind and body. I wanted to follow the gals to Times Square too but the thought of having to find a place to nurse Baby C and having to find a baby-friendly toilet to clean her poopie business every 1-2 hours turned me off. I still need some time to get used to my new routine before I have confidence to bring Baby C out for a shopping trip.

Though it is supposed to be a day for mothers today, I rather spend my quiet time at home..... get some peace of mind, rest my throat for at least half a day (I yell a lot when Aly and Sher are at home), complete my outstanding assignments (Streamyx will be cut for a max of 3 days from tomorrow for change of name in our fixed phone line) and to catch up on my sleep!

Guess what time I normally have my breakfast ever since my confinement lady left? Earliest is 10:30am and today, I only had the time to eat my breakfast at 11am. I woke up at 9am, nursed Baby C, cleaned up her bum after her poopie business, fed Sherilyn breakfast (she just won't chew and swallow her food) and got the 2 older gals ready to go out with daddy and mah mah. Just as I was about to sit down to eat my breakfast, Baby C pooped again and I have to clean her up again. My maid who is still single has no experience in handling babies and I can't ask her to help me with Baby C.

Despite such a crazy life as a mum to 3 kids, if you ask me if I had a chance to start all over again, would I still want to have Baby C, my answer is a resounding, YES. I wouldn't trade anything for my Cassandra. She has brought a lot of joy to my life, despite all the difficulties I have gone through and am going through now.

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