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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Poopie Fountain

For those of you with newborn babies, I am sure the term 'poopie fountain' is all too familiar to you eh? Yesterday, just as I was about to finish cleaning up Baby C's bum after her poopie business and left her without a diaper for just a few seconds, she spurted out her poop, exactly like a fountain across the crib. Her poop (which is a tad watery and gooey just like 'kaya') landed on the mattress, all over the crib railing (which was the hardest to clean), on the bouncinet, on the box of tissue, on the tube of Drapolene and on everything that was on the crib. As I was busy cleaning up the mess, I did not realize that the floor also had poop.... EVERYWHERE and I stepped on it with my bathroom slippers. Yikes, it was a real poopie mess.

and my maid and I spent more than half an hour cleaning up the mess.

I had to wipe the Safe n Sound latex mattress with pulls and pulls of wet wipes, then sprayed Febreze on it to get rid of the odour. Couldn't wash or sun the latex mattress though. Only left it on the floor with the table fan on to air it.

My maid had to bring the other Safe n Sound latex mattress from the crib upstairs to put it on the crib that was downstairs. As I had no where to place Baby C whilst my maid and I cleaned up the mess, I placed her on a cushion on the floor and surrounded her with pillows.

The moral of the lesson is : never leave your newborn baby without a diaper or a nappy on, not even for a few seconds for you never know if they will give you another big surprise and lots of mess! Newborn babies can take up to half an hour or longer to complete each session of poopie business.
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