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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Social Spark

Ever since the big G has been smacking down blogs that write reviews for PPP, many bloggers whom I know have stopped writing for this advertising network and have removed all banners and codes related to this network from their blogs. That’s because the big G is able to track down these blogs from the do-follow links / tag from PPP. After removing the banners and codes from their blogs as well as cease writing reviews for PPP, some of these bloggers have resubmitted their blogs to the big G for reconsideration of a good PR. Some of these blogs have regained a good PR while others have not.

I am sure many bloggers who blog for money would have heard of SocialSpark by now. Social Spark is a branch of PPP and works almost the same as PPP. It is a marketing platform which connects advertisers with bloggers. Bloggers can even socialize among themselves at Social Spark. One thing I like about Social Spark is that all their opps are with no-follow links. I have signed up with Social Spark (you can see my profile here) but it’s funny that I have not heard from them yet on the status of my blog. Barb has asked me to send them a ticket to check the status of my blog but I haven’t got the time to do so. Many of the bloggers whom I know of have already had their blogs approved by Social Spark and they have been accepting opps from them since. I must find some time to write a ticket to Social Spark today to enquire about the status of my blog and to appeal for an approval if they have rejected my application.

If you haven’t signed up with Social Spark yet, quick register now. Don’t worry about your Page Rank being penalized by the Big G coz as I’ve mentioned earlier, all the opps contain no-follow links.
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