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Monday, January 5, 2009

First Day Of School

After resting at home for almost 2 long months, my 2 older gals are finally back to school today. I felt a sense of relief during breakfast today. I could also finally sit down to have breakfast for a short 10 minutes today as I didn't have to prepare breakfast for Aly and Sher. I also didn't have to yell at Sher for running up and down and dropping her food and spilling her drinks everywhere on the floor. I could concentrate fully on feeding Baby C her meds and health supplements and flash cards to her whilst feeding her. I thought I could have a breather until 12 noon but I heard their voices at 10:30am when I was in my room, preparing to bathe Baby C. Hubby told me that the school will dismiss the kids at 10:30am for 3 days because of the orientation. Sigh..... I thought I could have a longer respite. The minute my 2 older gals were back, I started to feel stressed up again. Whilst I was busy bathing Baby C, Alycia wrote her name all wrongly with marker pen on all her new school books! I was really mad as she didn't ask my permission first and now the new books look really awful. Now, I have to write her name again on the books.
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