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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Our Saturday

We were out hanging with our friends almost the whole of today. First we went to Jaya 33, PJ to have lunch. We had dim sum at Oriental Pavillion Chinese Restaurant. After lunch, we went grocery shopping at Jaya Grocer. This supermarket has a wide array of imported food stuff and if you're into baking, Jaya Grocer is a good place to shop for your baking supplies as there's a good selection of imported baking ingredients. After shopping for groceries, we went to Starbucks at Damansara Uptown for coffee and another chit chat session. Poor Baby C had to be woken up twice from her nap. When we reached home, my 3 gals took their nap at around 5pm and only got up at 7pm. I made them green tea noodles with homemade fish paste, baby bak choi, shredded Japanese seaweed and winter melon soup with pork ribs.

I am still not feeling 100% well. After drinking some winter melon soup this evening, I felt like puking and am still feeling nauseous.... and my tummy felt and still feels like a balloon that's being deflated. I have been having a very gassy tummy lately and would get tummy ache whenever I am angry or get stressed up with my kids. I hope things get better when school reopens next week, otherwise, I may have to send both my older gals to the daycare center at their preschool. I hardly have time for them lately coz most of my time has been spent with Baby C. You know how much time is needed to care for a baby, what more a high-maintenance and high-demand baby. From morning till night, my day is spent feeding her and she clings on to me like a leech! Ok, nuf said. I better shut down my PC and go to bed now. Got to wake up early for church tomorrow.
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