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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Problem With Alycia And My Maid

One of the reasons why I get so stressed up with my kids lately is because of Alycia and my maid. About one month after my maid started to work for us, she began to change. Well, a new broom always sweeps clean but after a while, all her negative traits started to surface. My maid always acts as if she's me and tries to discipline my kids... all the time, though I have told her repeatedly that only I can discipline the kids. She even shouts at them and initially, she had even pinched and hit my kids when I wasn't looking. After reprimanding her many times, she has now stopped hitting my kids but she would still handle them very roughly, especially when she's trying to rush off her work. Sometimes she would push them away roughly when she's busy and the kids are being mischevious and she thought I wasn't looking.

Not a day goes by without Alycia arguing and quarelling with my maid. She would resist my maid when my maid raises her voice on her. Alycia would scream at my maid when my maid tells her what to do or stops her from doing anything. Alycia just hates it when my maid disciplines her. There was a point of time recently when Alycia kept asking me to send kakak back to Indon, that's how much she hates my maid. Each day when Alycia quarels with my maid, I get really stressed up, mad and upset. The deafening sound of them quareling or arguing can drive me out of the house, which I had done so before. My gastric juice and my headache would start to creep out each time I hear them squabbling. I have enough of problems and worries with Baby C's health issues and with them bickering constantly and Alycia rejecting my maid each time she tries to shower her, brush her teeth, comb her hair, dress her up, etc it's enough to drive me insane, really. I try to shower Alycia whenever I can but when Baby C sticks on to me like a leech, I will have no choice but enlist the help of my maid to handle my kids, which the kids hates.

I've talked to both my maid and Alycia many times telling them that they have to cooperate and be nice to each other but to no avail. My maid is quite a stubborn and childish person, so is Alycia. But oh well, she's only a 5 year old child. I really don't know how to deal with both of them. They are really driving me nuts.
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