Health Freak Mommy: Baby C Has Post-Operative Ileus or Lazy Guts


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Monday, May 11, 2009

Baby C Has Post-Operative Ileus or Lazy Guts

My heart is crushed. My poor baby is now ordered to stay away from breast milk and all other forms of liquid as she has post-operative Ileus or lazy guts. Today is the 7th day my poor baby has not eaten any solids. She has been super fretful and crabby today. We had spent almost the whole day at the X-ray department today when our doctor ordered that she does a Fluoroscopy to rule out guts obstruction. Thank God her guts are not obstructed, albeit they are inactive, hence the reason why she kept puking and has been unable to retain any fluid in her tummy. I really thought for sure my baby would have to be wheeled into the OT for a surgery tomorrow to fix her guts when our doctor suspected that her guts were obstructed.

Whilst I was putting her to sleep a while ago, my sweetie-pie kept crying and fussing. She was really hungry and was crying "mek mek" (milk milk) as she put her hand inside my pajamas and wanted to suckle. I kept telling her that she can't drink mummy's milk or she will puke again but this fler kept crying and crying and was really upset. It crushes my heart too to see her in hunger and in pain and being deprieved of something that can give her so much comfort and security.
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