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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Baby C Re-admitted Into Hospital And Alycia Misses Us Like Crazy

Our joy from being discharged from the hospital 2 days ago had been shortlived. Baby C has been re-admitted to Gleneagles Hospital in Penang yesterday. You can check my other blog to read why she has been re-admitted.

Meanwhile, Alycia is missing daddy and mummy very very much, so much that she has been calling us several times a day. The things that she has been saying to me have been so meaningful and matured, so touching that I really felt like crying and giving her a big big hug.

This was our telephone conversation yesterday evening, which really moved me:

Alycia : Mummy, I wish I was a supergirl so that I can zoom to Penang to be with you. I wish you can be a good mummy and stay in KL with me the whole year and don't go away. I wish there was a big aeroplane to bring me to Penang now. I wish I can jump inside the handphone now and be in the hospital with you. I thought you were in Ipoh yesterday and will come back to KL tomorrow? I wish you can come back so that I can give you a big big hug.

Me : Mummy will come back soon ok?

Alycia : What very soon? Everyday say very fast but never come back.....

MIL : Kay Lynn.... quickly hang up...(in Mandarin)

Alycia : Mummy, bye bye.... (very sad tone and on the verge of crying).....

Haih.... I wonder when I can be back in KL to see Alycia and Sherilyn. I have been away from them for more than 2 weeks and miss them very much. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder, doesn't it?
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