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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Baby C's Second Post-Surgery - 2nd Day

Baby C continues to be more alert and responsive today. Today, more and more of her usual antics resurfaced. For the first time in 3 weeks, she called 'cheh cheh' when she saw her 2 sisters' pic in my handphone. She also said 'mek mek' (milk milk) when I carried her and pleaded for my milkie. After being on the TPN drips (nutrition drips) for 1.5 days, she has regained her strength and there is also color back on her face and lips. However, her face and eyes got puffy today. When our surgeon came in about an hour ago, he said the puffiness could be due to too much of nutrition drips. So he cut down the amount of drips to be released. Also, the morphine drips have been reduced from 2ml/hour to 1ml/hour to 0.5ml/hour today. Tomorrow morning, the morphine drips will be stopped.

Baby C did not nap the whole afternoon today. She was wide awake from 2pm through 10pm. This afternoon, she kept fussing and fretting and I didn't know what was wrong with her. I thought she was in pain and discomfort. But when I switched on the TV and played her favorite VCDs, she instantly stopped whining. She has been watching VCDs from 4pm through 10pm today! BTW, after more than 9 months, she still loves her "Your Baby Can Read" VCDs and will always be very attentive whenever the VCDs are played.

Baby C's haemoglobin has dropped to 7 from 8. But our doctor is not keen on doing a blood transfusion just yet. The risks of a blood transfusion are too high. When he came in and saw Baby C about an hour ago, he told me that she doesn't need a blood transfusion since her cheeks look pinkish and her lips are red again. I just hope her haemoglobin will now only go up and that very soon, she can take iron supplements without having to do a blood transfusion.

I am still very worried that Baby C hasn't passed out wind or poo pooed. But our surgeon is very positive that she will do so soon, after listening to her tummy with a stethescope this evening. I am praying very hard that Baby C will fart and poo poo lots coz if she doesn't, we will have to go through one whole lot of agonizing tests again.

Sorry, no pix today.... too tired to download them into my laptop from my camera. I am really burnt out and severely sleep deprieved. I better sleep now that my baby is sleeping.
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