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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Deprieved Of Milk Milk

What crushes my heart a lot now is having to deprieve my sweetie-pie of her milk milk and her comfort and security. By order of the surgeon, she is to be nil by mouth to rest her lazy guts or Ileus. Her cries, bawling and pleas begging for "mek mek" (milk milk) can really drive me bonkers. Last night, she wouldn't want to sleep. She was screaming away and crying for "mek mek". I got so desperate that I expressed my milk out, then let her suckle on an empty boop to sleep! Pulling her off my boop was also challenging. My maid and hubby had to lull and pat her to sleep. Today, my poor baby is too weak to cry for "mek mek" and has been sleeping almost the whole day. Poor poor baby... I hope she doesn't need a surgery to fix her guts.

Dear Lord, please heal Cassandra's guts and spare her from another surgery. Amen!

Baby C desperately pleading for "mek mek" and 'finding' her "mek mek".
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