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Friday, May 29, 2009

Pix Taken From Room 503

Whilst in the hospital after her second surgery, Baby C felt really insecured. She wanted me to be near her all the time. She didn't want just pats and strokes at night but wanted me to sleep next to her all the time. I had to climb into her cot and lay next to her until she fell asleep but when I climbed out of the cot silently, she sensed it and cried again. Finally I asked the nurse to rearrange the machines and tubes so that she could sleep on my single bed, which is really narrow. I could not sleep the entire night as I was really worried that the NG tube that was hanging precariously on her nose would slide out and worried that she would sleep on the tubes and pull off the central venous catheter that's hanging on her chest. Those nights were really terribly frustrating for me. Nothing causes more stress than not having any sleep at night and being woken up every single hour or half-hourly the whole night.

Me contorting my body to fit into the baby cot.... which resulted in me having stiff shoulders and neck and backache.

How on earth can anyone have a decent night's sleep when your baby with a bunch of tubes hanging all over her body and nose hogs the entire bed? The very little space that's left for me on the right side of the bed was all I had. I could barely turn to my sides. On one night, I even slept with my head at the foot of the bed (and legs facing Baby C), so that I could find more space. Those nights were my worst.... and I hope I will never ever have to experience them again in my lifetime.
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