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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Please Don't You Puke Anymore Baby

Our surgeon told us that if Baby C continues to puke today, he will have to insert an IV line on her body, i.e. on the part near her collar bone... to pump in nutrients into her body. This procedure has to be carried out with Baby C being sedated and I think it would hurt like hell having a needle poked on that part of the body. My poor baby has not eaten or drank anything for 3 frigging long days. What crushes my heart to pieces is to see her body shrink by the day and her weight has plummeted from 8.2kg (pre surgery) to a starking 7.8kg now. I am heart-broken, really heart-broken :(

In the event Baby C turns the corner and bounces back with no more vomiting, our surgeon will allow her to drink some breast milk tomorrow. I am really really praying and hoping for that to come true. Please pray for her complete recovery with no more vomiting, friends.
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