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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Little Trooper Is Walking

Baby C has been taking a few steps on the floor unaided for the past few days and boy is she proud of her achievement! I just love the smug look on her cute face each time she walks and then turns back to give me a wide toothless grin! Opps, she's not exactly toothless coz a tooth is finally sprouting out and it now looks like a grain of white rice on her gums. Baby now does not want to put in her cage (her playpen) and would always scream her way out. She is now crawling, cruising and walking round the house and she's just so happy that she has found her new freedom and a new feat.

Baby playing with a sculptured balloon for the first time and she's no different with her 2 jie jies as she's another balloon lover. She's not even bothered when the balloon burst right in front of her, keng hor?
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