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Monday, June 1, 2009

Baby C's Reunion Meal

Baby C was finally reunited with her 2 cheh chehs last Saturday. On Saturday morning, daddy, Alycia and Sherilyn took a lift from kai yeh (the gals' godfather) from KL to Ipoh. From Ipoh, koong koong drove them to Penang. Click here to read more on Baby C's reunion with her 2 doting cheh chehs.

On Saturday night, we had dinner at Kimberly Street as koong koong wanted to eat Penang hawkers' food. In fact, we have been having hawkers' food and chap fun (Economy rice and dishes) most of the time during our almost-1-month stay in Penang. Penang food is really good. There's one chap fun stall in Macalister Road that sells very tasty and cheap dishes and hubby always went there to pack food for me during my stay in the hospital. The facade of the stall and shop look really run down and unappetizing but the dishes are really good! Right now, I'm missing the Pasembur Indian rojak. It's by far the tastiest Indian rojak I've ever eaten. Too bad I had forgotten to snap pix of this rojak during my stay in the hospital. You know, when I was staying in the hospital, I really didn't have much mood for anything, except for Baby C to get better.

Anyway, here's what we ate on Saturday night:

Loh kai (braised chicken), loh kai keok and ngap keok (braised chicken feet and goose feet), loh cheong (braised pig's intestines), char koay teow, fishballs, ching poh leong with extra gingko nuts and white almond tong sui. Ermmm, it was really an artery-clogging meal and jelly-belly-loving meal and I didn't quite like most of the dishes, except for the char koay teow.

Baby C having her dinner of fish porridge and soup, which the Sister in the hospital had specially arranged for us.
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