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Monday, June 8, 2009

Egg Tai Kau Meen Kuih

During my almost-1-month stay in Penang, one of the things that I looked forward to despite being upset and depressed in the hospital was food! Whenever I'm upset, food often gave me comfort, next to shopping, haha! Each day, hubby would tar pau some Penang hawker's delight for me and my favorites were prawn noodles, Pasembur Indian rojak and the very yummy apam sold on a cart near Burmah Road. The other comfort food which I liked was the super crunchy and super thin crust tai kau meen sold at a market in Pulau Tikus.

I think Penangnites really love tai kau meen coz they are sold at almost every nook and corner... and I was quite impressed when hubby bought this tai kau meen that was cooked with one whole egg from the market in Pulau Tikus:

I have not seen this kind of tai kau meen sold in KL or Ipoh before.... and it tasted really good and filling too... yums!
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