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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Father's Day Celebration At Moven Peak, Ipoh

On Wednesday, we had an advanced Father's Day celebration for my dad at the Moven Peak Steamboat Restaurant in Greentown, Ipoh. Check out my other blog to read more about our Father's Day celebration.

The price per adult is RM26.80, if I'm not mistaken. Kids are charged according to their height. Thus, the moment we stepped into the restaurant, Alycia's and Sherilyn's height was taken! So anyone who is short would gain! Alycia was charged RM16 and Sherilyn RM8. Senior citizens get a rebate and only need to pay RM20 per person for a really, really wide selection of food ranging from fresh seafood to fishballs, meatballs, pomfret fish, thinly sliced beef, chicken, green veggie, mushrooms, seaweed, noodles, fried chicken, beef steak, lamb chop, fried noodles, tempura, sushi, a salad bar, 6 types of ice-creams, tong sui and much, much more.

These are some of the food from the buffet counter:

Shellfish, crabstick, lala, etc.

Crabs, prawns, fish...

The restaurant...

There is even a machine to dispense mashed potato and the sauce! There were also chilled juices and hot tea making facility. There were also tong sui and ice-creams that came in 6 delicious flavors (cookies and cream, coconut, mango, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla) which was a great hit with kids and adults too.

Everyone will be given 2 choices of soup. We chose superior herbal soup (extra RM5 for superior herbal soup but FOC for regular soup). This was our hotpot in superior herbal soup:

Porridge soup base
We also chose porridge soup base. It tasted bland (like rice water) before the ingredients were added into the soup but tasted kinda thick, like Campbell's chicken soup after all the rich seafood, chicken, beef, etc were dumped into the broth.

The Otak-Otak fishball was something that I had never tasted before. There was otak-otak wrapped inside the fishball. My mum liked it.

Salad bar and desserts ranging from kuih, biscuits, jellies, apples....

An assortment of fishballs, meatballs, foo pei, tofu balls, etc....

Fish maw, jelly fish, squids, prawns, cuttlefish, etc....

An assortment of fried stuff ranging from fried mini chicken drummets, beef steak, lamb chop, fried wantan, french fries, etc.

Moven Peak steamboat will be really worth every sen spent for those with an insatiable appetite and tummy large enough to store the wide range of fresh seafood and delicious grub. We will definitely patronize Moven Peak again when we next go back to Ipoh.

The crowd was really huge on Wednesday, which is a weekday. I can't imagine how crowded it would be on weekends. I think it's advisable to go there on a weekday.

Moven Peak is located at :
12A Jalan Chin Choon Sam
30450 Ipoh
Tel : 05-2532218 / 2533218

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