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Friday, June 5, 2009

Food, Oh Glorious Ipoh Food

Being an Ipohite, I can say that Ipoh has one of the tastiest hawkers' food on mother earth, next to Penang. One of my favorite hawker's food is the kai see har hor fun (flat rice noodles with shredded chicken and sliced prawns) sold at the famous Tien Chun coffee shop (House of Mirrors) @ Ipoh Old Town. The soup/broth which has a tinge of orangy color is really tasty and sweet... by far the best I've ever tasted.

And did you know that Ipoh produces the finest and smoothest hor fun on earth? Ipoh also produces the freshest, sweetest and crunchiest ngar choi (bean sprouts) and the smoothest tofu and tau foo far. They say it's because of the water that flows from the limestones surrounding this beautiful city.

And people also say that Ipoh produces very pretty girls... Ipoh mali one sure very pretty and fair wan wor. Well Dato' Michelle Yeoh is from Ipoh and a few other Hong Kong TVB actresses are also from Ipoh. But I don't think this statement is all that true.

The famous Ipoh kai see har hor fun with the rich, sweet, aromatic broth made of prawn shells, prawn heads and chicken bones. I for one who dislikes hor fun has an exception for this and the other day, I had just polished off this bowl of noodles all by myself. I also chomped down some very tasty and fattening kuihs that hubby bought. Oh gosh, I hope I don't need to pop on some Apidexin when I return to KL. I have been feasting on the best hawkers' food on earth both from Penang and Ipoh for almost a month and have not had a proper work-out for almost a month too. I really have to start increasing the intensity and duration of my jogging sessions from tomorrow onwards.

2 days before Baby C's first surgery, we were back in Ipoh. My dad treated me to a sumptuous dinner at Han City Chinese Restaurant @ Ipoh Garden East (where my parents stay). It was my belated birthday dinner treat. Here are some of the delectable dishes that my dad ordered :

This 4 Seasons (Sei Yuet Fun) dish is my all-time favorite Chinese restaurant dish. This dish alone cost RM200+ and was enough to fill our tummies up... so much that my dad had to cancel the pork rib dish at the eleventh hour.

Steamed fish with soy sauce.

Braised mushrooms, tau kan, garlic, brocolli and fresh scallops.

Whenever we are back in Ipoh, hubby would surely patronize his favorite curry mee stall located opposite the police station in town and the hakka noodles in town. The hakka noodles and meat balls sold at the corner coffee shop in Ipoh Garden East are also super yummy. Perhaps I should ask my dad to buy me some tomorrow so that I can snap some pix and blog about them.... and tempt you peeps haha!

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